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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Maybe in for a relapse ...


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I downloaded Minecraft yesterday, just to see how it could be any different than Netflix. Within a short time I was thinking of downloading World of Warcraft - just a few clicks away from a new account (I had deleted my previous account) I stopped myself. 

It's winter ... well, worse. It's cold without any snow. So, I'm not sure how to proceed. I used to enjoy going to runs and exploring the outdoors, but I feel a little shut-in. I'm also making a big change from self-directed entrepreneur to Director of Sales and Marketing with a national company. It's fun, but I haven't sorted out my routine yet so it's wreaking a little havoc on my schedule - meditations, running, workouts, etc.

If you have a second, I'd really appreciate a like or quick note. Just a little support in this moment of vulnerability.


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