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Can I get some suggestions with my english research paper


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I've attached to word files, one is my criteria for our research paper (which is anything that is in The commonwealth of nations). I've written about the poison dart frog, but I really want to make it perfect :D. So I'm asking for any advice I could get. The paper needs to be delivered online at 28.10.2016 (last friday of october, which is tomorrow from the day I wrote this).

I know It's very unrelated to gamequitting but perhaps someone will take a look at it. Thanks in advance!

Research paper The commonwealth of Nations.docx

English research paper 3rd part References and corrections2.docx

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Hmm... we're not your personal army and you should do your own homework, you knoooow~~? ;)

On the other hand, why not? Your question is legit and doesn't go against forum rules. I've read it and at first glance seems fine by me. Instead of seeking help with an specific assignment, why don't you check on advice and suggestions to make good presentations (as if you were presenting a project on a business setting)? I think that's what you might be interested in right now. You got the basics, the next step is going pro. 

ALSO, DON'T DOUBLEPOST. Pretty please. ^_^

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