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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Thinking about it.


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I miss the fantasy aspects of games like The Witcher and WoW. I'm getting into D&D for the first time ever, but I miss pretending to role-play an elf hunter ... maybe I can't even play D&D. I haven't played even a single game yet, but the allure of the fantasy of becoming an elf ranger may be too great. It's disappointing. I guess the real reason I want to play WoW is that it's a better life than the one I currently have.

Suggestions on how to handle this would be great. I know there are some suggestions in the course, but, honestly, I can't even bring myself to look up the information. I need a little help ... how do I move forward without retreating into a fantasy world?

Edit: I just watched Module 6 and it gave me some direction, but I'm still really interested to see what else you think. I appreciate the help.

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Maybe try to write something? Like create you own setting and story and just write the story of and elfen ranger? I know its not the same as gaming but ´for me this helps a little with my crawings as I get to a point were my interest is suddenly used up and I can focus on different stuff again,

Also ave you considered pen and paper rpgs?  Those are okay arent they? :)

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Hello Colin!

That fantasy world gaved you more joy than real life and all the problems presented there were much more easy to deal with. Colors and pixels. So why we get addicted to a chair, why do we miss that? Humans search for happiness, they all need affection and affirmation. In a world full of " Me ", " I ", " Myself ", is hard to fill this gap without love, so we run to a virtual world, where being nice is much more accesible ( some coins, assistances, good advices, encouragements, guilds, friends, and so on ).

In some parts of the globe, people are cold, there is a lack of love; they get some love from their parents and lovers, but in most of the cases this is not enought. So they try to buy love with fame and money. Having more money, doing something that can attract more attention ( like a sport to pump you up, a hobby, a well paid job etc ) can help greatly here.

You seem like a nice and sensible guy, so for the moment, i reccomend listening to music more often. Music that we love,  can change our mood in a matter of seconds!



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I'm a big fan of tabletop rpgs, but I can see where you are coming from.

I haven't played wow, so I can't really know which aspect of the game attracts you, but perhaps you could 'gamify' your life and 'level up' your character on the skills that are important for your roles. I'm sure you play many roles in your life, professional, father, husband, individual, etc, and there are many different skills that affects how you perform on those roles.

If that doesn't work for you, perhaps you could do a similar reframing exercise and see your situation from a different point of view.

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