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Fear of Missing Out


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Do any of you all struggle with the FOMO (fear of missing out)? I am so used to being connected that I'm torn in two. A huge part of me wants to be on facebook, text people for no reason, watch youtube videos, play games, watch all the sporting events, just so I wont miss anything that I could relate with to other people.


Another part of me realizes that non of that matters, consuming content for the sake of content is pointless, and I should be proactive and choose what I want to include in my life, nothing more than what I need and a few things I want because I genuinely enjoy them. I've certainly been texting less, and calling more. I've been off facebook. Youtube use way down. Gaming solo hasnt happened in about 2 weeks. 

Its like a battle of logical freedom and the matrix of content. My brain feels like a tug-o-war chain.

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Reposting an answer I gave to this recently:

The fear of missing out is a normal part of the experience. The thing is, it works both ways. If you continue to game there is a lot of other things you'll "miss out" on, just like you have from all the time you've been gaming so far. Instead of focusing on what you will or will not miss out on, what I would invite you to consider is what you want for your life and what your values are, and whether or not continuing to game is aligned with them. If you think that quitting is going to help you live a better life, be happier and be more fulfilled, than embrace that and over time, I'm sure you will not be concerned at all about what you have "missed out" on with games, because the rest of your life has been way better. More thoughts on that here.

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