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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Can't believe I'm in this place again...


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I've been a gaming addict on and off for 12 years.  I'm 30 years old.  I lost a lot of my life when I played World of Warcraft in college.  I quit that... A couple years later I picked up League of Legends... Played that for many years and then quit.  I thought I had made it. I've experienced a life free of gaming and enjoyed it. Heck, there was a whole year where I didn't even have a computer set up in my apartment.

Now, I'm addicted to Overwatch.  I know I'm addicted because I'm experience some telltale signs and symptoms... Declining social invitations, anxiety when I'm not playing it, desire to play it for entire days.  I don't know what to do, because part of me wants to keep playing, but the more rational part of me understands that I need to let go of it to be truly happy and move forward in my life... 

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It sounds like you understand what you want. Maybe spend some time thinking about why you relapsed. Was it a particular stress or trigger in your life? If so, is it possible to work on the issue from that perspective?

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