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My journey (3th day)

New Brazilian Guy

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Hi everyone! My name is Paulo, I am from Brazil and I am 25 years old.

I am a guy that like to play soccer, tennis, run, make new friends. But I am this guy just when I am not playing games.

That's why I have decided to stop playing games. I want to focus in my study, in my job and in my personal life. I will graduate this year.;) And it is time to grow up 

I also see here as a good opportunity to make friends and try to help each other. 

Today is just to introduce myself, but I will try to make a journal, at least, once a week, in this way I can write funny things and maybe give some good tips for you guys :)


If you are coming to Brazil, just let me know. :)


P.S: Sorry about my english lol... but I think you can understand...otherwise, I will improve the next journal.


Guys, have a good Weekend!!

Success in your journey!!!


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