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Hi all,

Really didn't expect to start this course today, was just trying to think for a moment about what I desperately want in my life, with having little idea, and stumbled upon this. I am 27 from Victoria in Australia. I have been gaming since maybe 5, started with a friend on his SNES. Always kind of used gaming as an outlet and coping mechanism, but 8 years ago had some mental health issues that flipped my world, and gaming became more than ever a way to escape and treat myself. I don't really have the issue of losing friends over quitting gaming, which I guess is really lucky, but that is because none of my friends in real life gamed, and sadly I never was able to make any friends with online gaming. I don't appear like a typical gamer, I look like a surfer, but that image left me feeling ostracized from both the outdoorsy type (by being a gamer) and the gaming community (not being a "legit" gamer). 

Over time I have had aspirations and they have all more or less failed, relapsing into gaming, or gaming solidly for a junk of time so I can't even remember what I had previously been thinking of aspiring too. These aspirations some times required me to buy equipment or courses, essentially trying to bribe myself out from gaming and into a more fulfilling life. All to no avail.

Normally I would be too conscientious to do this, writing to a forum community about myself, but hell I'm throwing myself in the deep end, because I need this really bad. In my real life I still have my small group of friends from schooling, but we are not the type to contact each other much. So here's hoping to chatting to some interesting and funny people on the forum here.

Sorry if this introduction is a bit drawn out and self deprecating. Anyways once again hello to everyone, keen to be on board, and I'm excited for the future with the community here.

Thanks from Australia   

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