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Self Discipline


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Hello everyone,

guys any suggestions for books,videos,articles,ideas about developing self discipline?Things that have helped you personally?

All answers are welcome, thanks.

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I would always recommend "The willpower Instinct". It didn't produce any willpower for, me but helped me tounderstand how the mechanism works. And this was usefull in the long run. The best practice for selfdiscipline was the creation of a morning Routine and making it a Habit. I actually still do it even if I work right now and have to wake up at 4:30 am to make it possible. But worth it ;)

How are you btw.?

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Hello man,

I checked a google talk with the author of the book, and found it really interesting.In my research though I found a book not exactly related to self discipline called "The power of now" , and has some really helpfull ideas.Other than that doing fine thanks for the interest.

Have a nice day!

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The habit loop Charles Duhigg is a great alternative way of approaching self discipline and motivation. It shows how slight modifications in your immediate environment can be used to influence your own behavior, making you do what you want yourself to do!

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