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The Hidden


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Hello Cam,

Just watched your Las Vegas conference and it was amazing.  Good job.  A few thoughts to share with you . The idea of game mechanics and game design combined with the reward system/stimulation design of gambling should give anyone pause of the power of that new problem on the horizon.  Hopefully, there can be more partnering with problem gambling research and hopefully some game developers will get into the prevention aspect of the gaming community.

I like that you know your audience.  The hidden group as one of the commenters said is probably an accurate way to describe us.  Most of my gaming cohort use many systems to not be tracked or identified.  I am the trusting one (read fool that we must educate to correct and protect).  Even I would not have picked up a phone or gone to anyone/anywhere for help.  Still won't honestly.  Hell look how many of us can successfully bury our gaming habit from loved ones and friends or we have the counter stance of "fuck you" I am gaming no matter what you say or do. An intervention...would have buried me for more years before I came up to look again for a way out.  Confrontation would not have worked nor requiring any serious effort outside my habits.  The habit of online and via the keyboard.  You have managed to come where we live and OFFERED a choice not coerced a choice.  A new game if you will of life and the ultimate character development.  You give a tutorial of the steps needed and then in life hints if we get stuck.  You even have how to vids of those challenging bosses (ie for me today "How to relax without playing games".  Gamers are some of the smartest and most driven people I know and some of the most impatient with bull shit. 

We watch, we learn, we research and we plan how to execute. That works here too.  Even those that lurk and do not commit now have knowledge of a different game.  Those that fail to quit this attempt, have knowledge and a foundation to use for their next step when they are ready.  Maybe other problem habit groups are not so determined to be  knowledgeable, but for me knowing what is happening in my brain and what I am actually fighting is helpful and puts the onus on me.  Where I want it.  My current experiment with dark souls is that - what is this doing to where I am? Will it work in a new paradigm? Will it derail my growth?  Does it have any benefit now?  All things of curiosity to my mind and I am truly enjoying watching it.  I know your stance of continued no gaming and respect it.  It might be my truth, but, I have to prove it to me.

The parent thing.  I am a parent and I let my kids start playing at 4-5 yrs old because I did not play then.  I cringe knowing what I know now.  As a gamer I lived the danger and tried to save my son from my own habit.  I did it wrong too.  Said all the things I was not supposed to say.  I think, If a family member, friend, significant other or parent comes to this site.  We should give them a guide (forum chapter area?) to what to say and what not to say.  idk- maybe call it - IF SOMEONE YOU KNOW GAMES. Tell them what their gamer is getting from games and what their brain will be fighting and the social needs.   There are myriad reasons people game and they will need to be addressed once the shield of gaming is removed or even before.  I knew why I gamed and why i had failed prior attempts.  So I started my exit strategy long before I deleted games with developing the tools I would need to counter the main reason I was playing.  Maybe a list of resources for those myriad reasons if gamers want to see them and find the ones that apply to them? 

Maybe one day mainstream resources will be there to help, but, I wonder if they would ever know how to talk to the hidden. I am just grateful that you do.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for watching the presentation Kad! (Presentation is here for those who are interested.)

I'm looking into developing some tools and resources for parents and loved ones to understand it better. Hoping to partner with a clinician on it so they can bring their expertise from a family dynamics perspective since I don't honestly know that too well.

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