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Almost there & problems


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Today was day 86 (officially now 87).  I am going to make the 90 day detox soon yet this week I am running into problems.  I am stressed and anxious and feel the pull to play although I have not felt the temptation in weeks.  I am realizing that this need may always be with me or at least for a long time.  I don't know if it is self-sabotage from the success around the corner or something else.  It seems to be triggered with replacement my gaming laptop with a not one. Its like I am grieving or something.  Did anyone else run into these kind of things and what did yawl do?  I plan to not game after the 90 day cause I still have so much fixing/living in real life to do and I don't trust myself to be responsible with it.  Is that the problem - the realization that my detox may be permanent? IDK.  Someone posted about needed more post detox information and I would have to agree atm.

Those on the mountain top did not get dropped there - it was the result of hard work to win that view!

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