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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

I just want to live my life.

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Hi, my name is Jimyree Martin, I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and I'm 15 years old. I have been playing video games for 10+ hours on weekends and holidays, and played like 4 right after school ever since I was young, and finally knew it became a problem when I turned 12, and I have 3 online best friends that I knew for 4 years, but my parents never thought it was a problem. They just thought it was something that I do and that it was never a bad thing to do. When I actually think about it, I think they have done terrible parenting, when I first introduced them to your channel, I told them all about how this game addiction is harming my life, but they said," why would you quit something you love." It just left me speechless, but I've decided to start the Detox (Day 54 btw and still feel like a unproductive loser) and to change my life, although I've just been sitting on my ass all day doing nothing m, but watching streams and other stuff. Anyway, the reason why I want to quit (tbh I don't even want to quit, I love video games and my online friends) is because, I have been feeling depressed and lonely for 5 years, at school I just sit and watch other people talk to each other, having fun and stuff, their are moments when I talk, but it happens rarely. Also, I have been saying, " I hate my life", more than usually lately, (don't worry I'm not having suicidal thoughts) and I really want to stop saying that when I feel depressed. I know that I am really late, and should have joined the forums sooner, but I'm really shy. I really hope I can change my life and end this depression. Also, I feel like my little brother is heading in the same direction as me.

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Hey Jimyree! Awesome to have you join us here. I hung out in Atlanta for a month two years ago. Great city! Congrats on 54 days so far, that's really impressive. Joining the forum is one of the best ways to start being more productive, because you will have more accountability and a way to get extra support and ideas from others. 

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Hello and welcome, Jimyree :)

I too am perplexed at how your parents reacted to your statement about gaming addiction.  The only plausible thought that came to my mind was that perhaps they are also relieved you are not hooked on drugs or any other dangerous addiction that some parents think are more hurtful than video games.  Which makes me also think that perhaps parents need educating about how addictive video games can be.

Aside from that, you made a very wise choice, and you have a lot of insight for your age.  That is a STRENGTH.

I am sorry you feel so badly about your life right now.  Please consider that this is a new start?  A blank canvass lays before you tomorrow.  You are the creator of your own destiny, and I think you have so much opportunity in your young life to make healthy choices.  You just did.  :)

It sounds like making friends is difficult right now.  Don't feel discouraged.  Friendships take time, and opportunity.  Right now, you need to focus on what makes you a person somebody would like to be friends with.  Building yourself up means watching out for those negative thoughts, and dismissing them immediately.  They only compound over time and lower your self-esteem.  Building your self-esteem will take time.  Best way to do that is to involve yourself in an activity that you enjoy, and to get better at it, day by day.  You will build confidence. 

This is a great opportunity for you to experiment with new hobbies to replace gaming.  Look upon it as a new start.

Looking forward to hearing about your progress,


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Welcome Jimyree,

Can I suggest that you fully detox yourself from games and gaming-related internet pages altogether? I'm only 7 days in, but I feel that the greatest benefits are found when you don't have gaming on your mind at all. There is no point replacing your gaming habits with a new habit of watching other people playing games, or reading about them on reddit etc. I've found the greatest benefit of the detox that my mind is a lot clearer, thus allowing me to take action more readily and find other activities to fill the void of time.

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