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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

maybe the problem was this all along...

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Hi, I'm Sebastian, from Mexico.

All of my life I've been struggling with finding motivation for any other activity besides videogames. Without making a thourough remembrance activity in my brain, I'd say these are the events that I truly regret the most:

  • Not being an amateur basketball player because of games: I remember that beautiful summer of 2007. I was 12 years old, got my parents to pay for an expensive summer basketball camp, and I blew it all because I was only thinking of coming back home to play Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2. Regret came later in life when I found myself an unhealthy person.
  • Not dedicating enough time to programming and creative writing: the two things I enjoy the most besides videogames, and yet I've always lagged in comparison to other brilliant people because I can't concentrate enough on my homework (studying Computer Science right now) and on my short stories and poems (an exercise I started doing in middle school). It sucks to see that many of my peers are working their way through the magnificent world of computers and programming, and I'm just sitting here playing videogames.
  • And the worst of all, losing my first girlfriend for being so insecure of myself: while this I cannot blame it all on videogames, I'm pretty sure that my lack of social skills and communication with real life humans has suffered greatly from this fun but hazardous activity. This girl really liked me, and I was "walking in a dream" everytime I was with her, yet I found a way to blow it in just one fucking week, because I couldn't trust her enough... 

Now, if someone here that's been able to finish the 90-day detox can encourage me to fulfill this now new goal of mine, I'd deeply appreciate it. I'm feeling all bummed out because I can't see my ex-girlfriend, and all because I was so immature and selfish. I guess being irresponsible really turns off women, and my schoolwork and studying habits could greatly benefit from deep concentration. 

Thank you, guys. I hope you can receive me as a new member of your community, in hopes of being able to mature and spend time in things that I consider to be truly worthwhile and meaningful, like Literature and programming, and, of course, human relationships of all kind.

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We've got your back. I'm only a few days in and I feel like I'm crawling out from a cave into the daylight. There's so much I've missed out on over the last few years, but we've still got a whole life ahead of us.

Good luck to you

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Hey Sebastian, a warm welcome to the forum. I can relate to basically everything that you're saying here in your post. I myself began gamequitters right as I was going through a breakup, and I know it's tough. But now is a great time to commit to this and take some time to improve your life. If you give it a shot, results will come faster than you expect.

I have four recommendations if you want to get setup in the best way possible:

  1. Commit to the 90 day detox. Really, there's just no other way.
  2. Read Respawn. It's a great guide that will get you setup right to quit gaming.
  3. Create a journal in the forum and post as often as you can, daily is best IMO. This will help you keep your thoughts clear and also document your progress over time.
  4. Start reading books on self-improvement - start with The Slight Edge first, it is foundational for everything else.

Best of luck, if you have any questions feel free to message me.

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Hello and welcome ,

I'm still doing my detox (almost 1/3 completed) and up untill now it's totally worth.The first few days I feel like are really important, because later you build "defences" in a way and it's easier to resist tempetation,so make sure to avoid anything game related.Also check game quitters on youtube ,but don't overdose.

Good luck & Have fun!

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