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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Quitting games for good now? Robin'

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Hello guys and girls,

I'm Robin 16 years old now from The Netherlands. I decided to quit before and my best attempt has been 40 days without gaming. I had some problems with being productive tho within those 40 days and I got bored eventually. Than some friends of mine that I used to play with told me a new game was coming out and if I wanted to play with them. At first I thought I could handle some playtime but of course it failed. 

I did some great things already like I committed myself to Jogging, Yoga, Stretching, Meditating, Working out, Dancing and Reading. The only problem that I seem to have is whenever my body needs to recover (like my whole body feels in pain XD) and I don't feel like Reading I want to game because I don't know what to do else. Does anyone have a clue what I could do instead? 

I deleted all of my characters in several games aswell but I still have my steam account. I found it super hard to delete it because I've spend many hundred of dollars in it. Does anyone know how to sell the account perhaps or what to do else with it? This applies to my WoW account aswell.

I really want to succeed this time and I will write a daily journal aswell soon!

Thank you reading ;)

- Robin   

PS. My instagram account if you want to see some dancing photo's/clips of me: https://www.instagram.com/robinv.vdg/

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^^^ this dude is mega talented.

Have you tried listening to podcasts? That can be a good alternative to reading.

Aw haven't really done anything with podcasts. Thank you for the suggestion will check it out for sure :)

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Hey Robin, I just started my own detox today so it's kinda fun seeing that I'm not the only one starting today.

I personally read quite a lot and noticed you mentioned that you really don't feel like reading and when I was younger I could relate.

The way I actually got into reading was pretty simple, find a book you find interesting (It can be literally anything.) and just find 15 minutes of your day to spend reading it. Just keep doing this daily and eventually might find yourself reading for hours. This is a great way to start reading and it worked out for me very well. 

Thanks for your comment! I'm currently reading The Power of Habits page 170. I like the book a lot but I need to push myself to keep reading every single day indeed. I'll try to read atleast 10 pages a day to begin with. 

Also when I feel like resting is it okay to read for a few hours? Or would you recommend a shorter amount of time and than doing something else.

- Robin

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So I just deleted my Steam account with almost 60 games, 3000+ hours of playtime and a lot of friends.

This was a hard decision but I feel like I did something good. I know that I can complete the detox togethere with you guys and I will start my journal tomorrow.

- Robin


PS. Thanks for the article! I love to learn about new things ^^

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