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So... i joined... finally.


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i am Jan and i have just joined after being "clean" for 17 days now. The reason why i did not join at first was because i had a lot of skepticism joining a forum again (and some anxiety). I have been in many forums (of games and otherwise) in the past and - in my "peak time" - it got a little out of hand. Which was in the end the reason i quit facebook, and have cut down on the forums; have WhatsApp though to keep in touch with my friends.

I wanted to write a wall of text here, but i guess a lot of that is better kept for the journal. Long story short, i have been playing around 15 years and for the last 10 years i have been playing approx. 6h/day (it varied of course, 4-12 h/day). The last time i tried to "wean off" games i tried to only install "low-risk games" like adventures. I moved from adventures to single-player-rpgs in like 4 days. Then another 4 days to city-building games/finance games. And after 2 weeks i was again at 6+ hours/day. Today i have been counting how much money i spent on games altogether - Pretty crazy if you sum it up and then average it out per month.

So, it didn't work. I realized - after like 6 more weeks - that i probably cannot control my gaming AT ALL. And this is why i am here and why i have committed to AT LEAST the 90 day detox - i printed out the ebook and i must say, it has been very helpful in getting me on track. This has been the longest time without games for the last 10+ years. I feel anxious, but i also feel a lot more "free" now - i mean i feel like i have more control over my life now. I hope you get what i mean.

I have made quite a few of changes already to fill the time (it doesn't help that i am waiting for social insurances to get me into rehabilitation stuff at time being, so i have LOTS of free time).

So, hello!

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Welcome, Jan!  I meant to download the ebook but I'd forgotten - I'll go get it, it sounds helpful.

I share your shock at the amount spent.  Hundreds, thousands.  When I quit smoking, I put my tobacco money in a jar and used it for books and meals and vacations.

Dave Ramsey has this thing where you "pay yourself" each month.  My games payment is going to guitar lessons and healthier, tastier food.

17 days, you're in the zone.


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Hello Jan and welcome, this was my Day 17 - Gamefree aswell.So if everything goes well,we will be done with our 90 days challenge together.

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Thanks for the welcome everyone.

@ManGodWhyNo: Yes i plan to at least let the money "pile up" somewhere, or invest it in something similar.

@gresa: Yes, let's hope everything goes well this time!

@hycniesjy: Actually i am from Germany. Yes, it is nice to have likeminded people who also want to stop.

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