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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

It's the first day of the rest of my life


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I'm Alexey from Russia, and I'm 36. I'm here because I finally decided to quit playing all video games. By the way, is it ok to play Rocksmith (it's a game for learning the real guitar)?

I started playing like 25 years ago, but it was ok back then, I had a lot of free time and I was not an addict. Things changed after I started playing WoW. I started trial on the cold day of January 23th, 2007. In two days I upgraded to full version. Then I don't remember most of the next two and a half years, I quickly fell as low as hard core raiding. In the end of that period I have two chars with total time played about 200 days (that's 4'800 hours, and if you do anything for 10'000 hours then you become a pro). Then it went in cycles, like 1 year off and then playing for half the year.

But the worse thing was that I became a video game addict. I no longer can control the time I play, I know when to stop but I can't stop. Recently I've reinstalled WoW for a laugh and that ate 10 days of my life. After that I finally decided that  I don't want to be an addict. I got rid of smoking, it was so great, so now I want to get rid of all the video games.

Last week has been great in giving me the goals for the next few years so now I have a great plan and it does not have any time for video games addiction. So I'm in the process of removing the games from my computer and I plan to write daily notes in my journal.

So journey has already started, wish me luck :)

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Welcome! I was also addicted to WoW lol i clocked in over a years worth of gameplay on all my characters...it's crazy! you're in the right place anyhow. IF you have the strength to quit smoking you can definitely do this game detox! :)

Just keep your days busy and remember to start your journal as this helps a lot.

All the best.

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Greetings from Poland, Alexey!

I can relate to your story, despite the fact that I never played WoW

When I played I also couldn't stop in this moment I should stop. And this just went on and on and on, and then I played for 10 hours. Sad but true.

If you got rid of smoking, you can also get rid of video games. And life your life to the fullest.

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