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NEW VIDEO: I Replaced Gaming With Real Life (Nicco Transformation)

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Hey there


I am new to this forum, and I learned about this forum from reddit.
I stopped gaming 87 days ago, and I feel like it gets difficult to go on, which is why I joined this forum, to keep me going.

I've been gaming since the age of 6 and now I'm 29 and one day I realized how pointless gaming had become to me, I felt I was just killing time rather than enjoying myself.

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Thank you Cam and Falky for the warm welcome

I do have some goals and something I need to work on.
I am currently preparing for my next belt test, I practise karate. I am also working my social skills by going out alone in order to meet new people.
I've also been practising drawing on and off whenever I have time for it.

I hope by quitting gaming I will be less needy of instant gratification and that I will spend more time with myself (meditating) instead of letting a machine fill me with dopamine and instant positive feedback :)

I would also mention I made the decision to quit gaming while doing nofap, and so far it's been a wonderful journey

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Greetings from Mad Pharmacist!

I'm really impressed that you did your detox on over 90% and stopped masturbation at the same time!

For me, I got 105 days of game free and 72 of masturbation free, and then I relapsed for 10 hours, because I got cocky.

Now I'm back to square one (I mean day 2)

However, learn from my mistake and don't give up so easily!

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