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ADHD and gaming addiction ?


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Hi, I will get to the point now. I have ADHD and currently taking ritalin 20 mg (ADHD drug), prozac and valdoxan(for depression). Do you guys think that having ADHD people can become addicted easier than normal ?   I have tendency to stress a lot from intense study and it seems that reading, exercise, playing guitar  don't seem to satisfy my sense of temporary escape. I think ritalin ,which is a stimulant, make me feel euphoria and it's similar to playing video game and I think this cause me easier to be pulled back into gaming.

Anyone facing same problem here and   How can I do with this situation


p.s. I have relapsed so far after my 2 months detox , I think consistent alone is not enough . I think I have to change my main habit (from The power of habit, still reading) and find new activity that can  replace my gaming-coping style.

Thank you for reading !

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It's certainly possible. My understanding is that ADHD has a lot to do with dopamine regulation, and video games can provide a strong hit of dopamine that might be more potent to someone with ADHD.

@Laney might have something to add. She's written about her ADHD in her journal too, so you could look at that.

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