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Muay Thai(Martial Arts)


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I'm going to join a Muay Thai club this week.


I go out a lot and I although I'm not particurarly aggresive , I tend to get in trouble often.Mostly cause of my curiosity, my boldness and dont give a fuck attitude."Tact" is not my strong point so when the situation gets tough I want to be able to defend myself properly.

I also intend to travel abroad as soon as I finish school so some self defence training will definetelly come in handy I believe.

Moreover, I do find some appeal into the practice of martial arts.I believe that the philosophy behind them is something I would like to explore and train myself into.


I'm going to join a club the upcoming week and see how it goes.

I workout at my home (5-6 days a week. Push-ups ,pull-ups and other workouts to stay fit).So I'll probably have to cut it down a bit to 3-4 times a week so I can hit the Muay thai practice a couple times a week.

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Oh Yeah! Muay Thai is something I will definitely try in the future. What I've learned is that it's generally well rounded martial art for combat when standing. 

I'm also partly having traveling in the back of my mind when training self-defence. Training BJJ I have no time for Muay Thai at the moment. :-//

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One thing you need to look at when you train martial arts of any kind, is the character of the trainer and the teaching methods. It is very important that you respect the trainer as a person. If your trainer is a jerk, then you will never find any fun doing it - and it will not benefit you in life. I also recon that those trainers teach you in ways that will likely cause you to get hurt in a real fight, but that is my personal opinion. I quit my Ju-Jutsu (A German system which kind of mixes all different kinds of martial arts with the purpose to effectively defend yourself against both armed and unarmed attackers) because of a trainer change. A very bad trainer change.

One of the best trainers i had was also one of the first ones. He was over 60, but he had incredible technique, power, speed AND control. Not to mention a great guy. I always thought he was 40, until he mentioned how he would go into retirement soon. 

Then there was the "new trainer", he was a police educator and had a really screwed up view of people in general. Like everyone is out to get you, and everyone on the street is a criminal etc... Also, i think he didn't really "grasp" martial arts, he once said he "wasn't allowed to do certain things in the dojo" (I think he meant he wasn't allowed to do the "greeting" at the beginning). He also never once wore a Gi or a sash. I think that's actually forbidden in a Dojo strictly speaking. I wondered if this guy had much respect for us at all... or for martial arts in general.

Many others also lost the fun because of this guy. Maybe, once i am in a new town, i might get into Ju-Jutsu again. Or maybe i will concentrate on running. No idea. I still do my punching/kicking, combos, ward-off/strike combos as part of my circle-training. And sometimes just because i like to.

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