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Stopping the next addiction


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I already stopped playing video games and I hope to overcome this addiction pretty fast. The problem is, I am also a smoker since ~ 2 1/2 years and hardly get rid of it.

Especially since I stopped gaming I smoke more, I guess its one way of coping with it.

Anyone else going through the same?

I smoke about 2-3 packages a week, so it's not that much but I need those few cigarettes 

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Not an expert on quitting smoking even though I smoked for a decade at about your intensity.

Perhaps you could try looking into situations in which you smoke and try avoiding them?

Or maybe it's specific drinks. Many people enjoy coffee with a cigarette. Perhaps try switching to green tea or dropping caffeine altogether? But that does sound like a rather wimpy idea.

Or if you're using smoking to reward yourself, try to use something else as a reward. START DRINKING INSTEAD no, bad idea.

The way I quit was the I basically lost interest in smoking after I stopped going out so much. I also mostly smoked while I drank, so that also contributed to it. For some reason, even after I relapsed (with the drink) I haven't picked up the smoking again.

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Hey g3nscho,


managed to successfully quit after several attempts, but I was smoking much more (1-2 packs a day). Istill go out a lot and particularly in Berlin where most of the bars are smoking bars. Never touched a cigarette in a year.

How I did it is that I reached a point that I was disgusted by myself. Whenever I could have a craving, I would remember these situations and craving would stop strght away, in 1 second.

As for me, the situations are:

- I was coughing once or twice when I was talking to anyone, and I could not stand that when I was talking to a woman I was attracted.

- I could net stand seeing my yellow fingers on a piano or my fingers being seen by other musicians

Reasons are very subjective. There can be many around the smell as well. All the common sense reasons (bad health, money, poisoning people around you, etc.) never worked on me. Find your own genuine unbearable reasons !

Good luck and keep posted !

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