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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Gaming and Seasonal Affective Disorder


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My background is the usual type A/controlling parents + living in boring areas as a child = early gaming which was not a problem at first ,but then turned into a problem right when my brain began to turn on its gogo gadget dopamine drive. WC3, dota 2, League of Legends, Attempted to moderate multiple times, threw away RAM several times, dissembled and reassembled my computer many times, tried the program "Cold Turkey," Pavlok (with some success), rules made with family and girlfriend, uninstalling (hundreds of times), Dark chocolate, coffee, self-improvement podcasts, voice recordings, journals, posters, desktop backgrounds, Netflix, no Netflix, streams, no streams, friends, hiking, sex, cooking, having a cat, not having a cat, medical marijuana, yoga, lifting weights, hating myself, life coaches, putting my desk into standing position, new desk chair, putting my desk on the floor, crying, not crying, a daylight lamp, a new boss, vacations, and "Beyond Meat" (my biggest mistake so far). 

None of that stuff worked so far. Oh well. It does make me laugh. And although there is no god, thank god that my addiction is video games and not something worse like hard drugs. I'm truly thankful for that. Cheers and hoped you giggled  or related a little.

P.S. Getting sun helps me a lot.

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Hey Josh! Awesome to have you join us here. Getting sun helps me a lot too. I just moved to San Diego pretty much for that exact purpose. :)

thanks cam ! 

Today was rough as it was my first day returning from California from visiting my gf. Usually I resort to gaming when lonely, so my next goal is to sign up at my local MMA gym.

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