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Free online course on addiction


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Hey guys and girls,

I've just discovered that a free online course about addiction has been announced on the MOOC website FutureLearn: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/understanding-drugs-and-addiction

I have not taken this course before, but I've done many others on FutureLearn. The courses here are free, you have to pay only when you need a printed certificate, but listening to all lectures and taking quizzes is completely free. I like the courses on FutureLearn because they can be completed almost on you own pace; the only date you have to look out for is the day the course officially ends, because after this day you can no longer enrol and have access to the course materials. But if you enrol before the course ends, you do not have to stick to the course schedule and can listen to lectures long after it is officially finished (providing you enrolled when it was still going on). So it allows for a very flexible schedule. Most lectures have transcripts in pdf files, which can be easily printed out.

From the course description, it seems that it deals with addiction to substances, such as alcohol and drugs, rather than behavioural addiction such as gaming. Though I guess it is still worth looking into. Anyway, it is free, so you can always quit the course without any costs.

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