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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Ahoy hoy!


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I'm 60 days into the 90 day detox but I thought I would sign up here anyway as it's something I meant to do from the start.

Been frequenting the subreddit (m2u2 on both) the past two months, trying to keep myself busy and pick up the pieces from years of gaming. Hoping to make it to 90 days then go from there! First found out about this place from cam's articles then his videos. I did the usual google of 'how to quit videogames', I can't actually remember why I searched for it, it came out of nowhere, but somehow the momentum of that initial moment of clarity has kept me going.

Anyway, still a LOT of work to do, but bring on the next month!

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Thanks man, congrats on your 60 days as well. I feel a lot better, there is definitely more hope in my life now. Before I would marvel at how anyone did anything, like how did they actually lead a normal life? I was in awe. Now I've definitely found the problem, the videogames, so it can only get better from here.

Good luck on your next month as well!

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