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Self Developement


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I'll be brief and get to the point.

Since I quit gaming I have a lot of time at my disposal.To break bad habits you have to replace them with good habits.

With that in mind I've embarked on a journey of self growth, and self developement.

Here are a few people with youtube channels who I am following

KareemOmar <-- Has a youtube channel and a website.He is life coach and awesome guy

ElishaLong<--- This guy has a youtube channel.He is into book reading and body building.

Knowledgeformen(by Andrew Ferebee)<--Andrew has youtube chanel and a website .He interviews succesfull people and does podcasts

There are plenty of books and audiobooks that you can read (Some audiobooks you can get for free on youtube) if you wanna get into this kind of stuff.

Check them out if you want.They all are amazing idividuals!


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I'd take it a step further - self development is something that never stops. You never reach a point where you go "okay, I'm fine" because you start to lose it like you get out of shape.

Except being "out of shape" in terms of development is miserable. So, never be out of shape, because self-development is fun - and even addictive.

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