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Hi all

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Hi everyone,

I'm Indy, I've been gaming since I was 2. It wasn't a problem until I started playing Maplestory, then League of Legends, and finally Counter Strike. I've been trying to quit cold turkey this whole year and been unsuccessful so far. I think a huge aspect of what I enjoy is the social interactions in gaming, as I've always played with friends, and the competitiveness, as I'm a very competitive person. So I'm signing up to this forum and others to be more social online without gaming, and I'm trying to find ways to make my hobbies more competitive for myself. My main one is guitar, I love music and I play guitar and drums. I've been playing for a fairly long time (10 years) but I feel I could be so much better by now if it wasn't for gaming. At the moment I'm in a fairly casual band with 2 friends, but I'm planning to get more serious and spend more time on it as a way to get over gaming. I'd love to hear any suggestions on how to add competitiveness to music.

Thanks for reading.

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Hey Indy! Thanks for joining us here! I'm not too sure how to add competitiveness to guitar but maybe others have ideas. Do you attend any guitar meetups? That would be a good way to make some likeminded friends as well.

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Thanks for the suggestion Cam :) hadn't thought about that. I've also been thinking about starting a youtube channel and just putting up some covers and setting myself a goal of something like a cover every 2 weeks, I'll let you know how it goes.

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