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Entry 18:
November 26, 2023 - Weekly Update

Weekly Wins:

-Ran my first 10k after slacking off for a few months.
-Completed all work projects.
-Doing my routines and habits even sometimes I'm not motivated to do it.
-Pushing through failure in my workouts.
-Longest streaks on all of my habits.
-Completed my 10th book of the year - The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Weekly Losses:
-Skipped work because of completion of projects: Should've do more tasks that can improve work or find clients.
-Waking up at the middle of the night due to eating dinner late or drinking too much water: Must set a timer to when to stop eating and drinking water.
-Skipped 1 bedtime due to travel and hanging out with my girl: I allow skips on my habits if it is impossible to do it, thus continuing my streaks.
-Anxiety attacks in some days even though I workout and mediate: Stop overthinking and practice breathing techniques if occurs.

Aha Moments:
-You will not be motivated everyday, be disciplined instead and push through pain in completing tasks. Take action even if you don't want to do it, you will thank yourself later.

Next Week Goals:
-Continue my streaks even if I'm travelling, skip some if it's impossible to do.
-Start setting up routines for work like messaging clients if all projects are done. 
-Read less self-help book and study more instead: Review the books read, and write how can I apply it to my life, then take action.
-Take action on goals!



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18 hours ago, Antoni said:

You will not be motivated everyday, be disciplined instead and push through pain in completing tasks. Take action even if you don't want to do it, you will thank yourself later.

This is a great point. I need to be reminded of this periodically. Willpower need not be in large supply if discipline is high!

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Entry 19:

Monthly Update for November 2023

November Wins: 

-Finally figured out how can I be productive (by just waking up early and reducing social media consumption + habits)
-Best streaks on all my habits.
-Starting a new tracker for eating sweets/junk food.
-Consistent Exercise routine (except for vacation days).
-Consistent Learning routine (normal days).
-Trying to improve my career.
-Read 4 books this month.
-Improved mindset on suffering and doing things that are hard.

November Losses: 
-Started the month very slow, and unproductive
-Lose some of my streaks because of vacation near the end of the month
-Hard to get back on track after my short vacation.
-Sometimes I quickly gave up doing hard things because of prior commitments.

December Goals:
-Give more effort to building and maintaining relationships.
-Find ways to generate more income.
-Improve more on staying focus while suffering in exercise and doing hard things.
-Prioritize sleep and consistent exercise routine.
-Start on improving speaking English and communicating to other people even on the native tongue.


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Entry 19:

December 6, 2023

On Relapsing "YouTube" & "Learn Pomodoro" streaks
After 32 days was longest streak in completing "No YouTube", my initial target was just 30 days. I planned to use YouTube again for learning, and for uploading my creative work to attract more clients and create a strong social media presence. Unfortunately, yesterday I relapsed hard. I was watching countless of videos of the channels I wanted to watch, mostly are for entertainment. Maybe I was too emotional at that time because of stress, pressure, and anxiety that I've been dealing for both personal and work life, which affected my decision in relapsing and wasting so much time to cope with my emotions. 

I should've thought about these and had a plan instead on how I can get back to YouTube again without watching useless videos and wasting so much time. In effect of these, I also missed my learning session to improve my career due to my relapse. This is a learning moment for me, and this should not happen again. I'll be changing my habit as well from "No YouTube" to "No Useless Videos" or maybe "No Excessive YouTube". 

Working on yourself really is an everyday process, it can't be just a 30-day thing or 90-day thing and then you stopped doing it. It's about a constant learning process on how you can improve yourself and showing up to your good habits everyday for a long time, and then will be compounded into amazing results. Imagine if I learn something for 2 hours everyday for 10 years. It would be around 7,000 hours, at this level I could be close to mastering a skill or a career.


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