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It's time I quit gaming. A 33 year old grinding Apex Legends for so many seasons sweating over ranked games and watching Content Creator videos and trying to be like them while having a 9-5 Job and a wife. I lost focus of my life where I have only risked my life with being overweight, lazy, unattractive and being made at my wife for not letting me play video games. I have realized this, and it makes me sad that I knew about this but never took an action. But before things go more on the wrong side of life, I want to be a better man and change myself for good. 

My first step of the process is to get rid of things like gaming laptops and accessories. Apart from gaming I don't see any use of them and not having around means I don't have to think twice about playing a game. And I have my phone or work laptop that I can just use for normal browsing. The next thing is to unfollow Twitch and youtube. Their algorithm is too good to show me gaming contents that I feel like playing whenever.

Now that I have signs of hypertension from my recent doctor visit as was having frequent headaches, I have to change my lifestyle choice. I can't believe I sit at work for 8 hours and them come home and again sit for 3-4 hours playing game. Eating healthy, losing weight will be my top priority. I have been going to the gym and doing cardio for at least 30 mins for 2 weeks now. I'm motivated since I lost around 8 pounds. Though I have to learn more about mental health and how to keep myself more happy and not be stressed. 

I want to be social again. I feel like I don't have any close friends apart from my wife and co-workers. Most of my close friends live out of state so I only meet them once a while and my weekends are mostly boring. When my wife goes for work means I play game full day. May be that is one of the reasons that I game a lot. I don't know where to start but that's something I will have to figure out along this journey. I have some ideas.

Well, it's now or never. I am prepared~ The journey starts here. Good luck to me. 

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