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I told myself I was committed to quitting for good this time and so I started with Module 1. But the social aspect isn't really part of what appeals about gaming to me, so I wasn't sure that this forum would really help me meet that need. But then I thought, maybe avoiding following through on that aspect of the action steps means that I'm actually not fulling committing to this process. So here I am. 

I'm so lucky that I haven't done more damage to my life from this addiction. I have a great girl friend, satisfying hobbies and work, and solid friends. But gaming is getting in the way of all that, it could all be even better, and I'm committed to living the best life I possibly could. So here I am.

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This entry will be short because I have had a long, busy, productive day. By leaning into my work, my social commitments, my friendships, and hobbies today, I have hardly had any thoughts flicking back to gaming. Solid day 2. As for LFR, your question, which—thank you.

On 5/9/2023 at 12:00 PM, LordFederickRamsay said:

What appeals to you about gaming?

There's the excitement, pleasure, and challenge in starting a new game, and especially of a new genre or iteration of a genre—and therefore the fulfillment of gradually developing the unique skills to meet the game's challenge. While I often can experience similar things in other domains of my life when I'm a more satisfactory version of myself, I find that I'm particularly vulnerable to the ease of experiencing those things from a game when I'm low energy or under the weather, emotionally or physically (including when I'm sick). Gaming gratifies me with some of the best aspects of life, but at the same time, it does so in such an, absorbing, and, of course, addicting way, that I neglect and do harm to the other parts of my life, my commitments, relationships, aspirations, etc, and this is all through activities that have little to no bearing on any other aspect of life that I value.

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I was so busy yesterday making headway on establishing some new hobbies, as well as just taking care of the bare necessities, that it slipped my mind to record this. I started a couple new things that I think will meet some of the aspects of the needs that gaming has met—and can work for me in moments when I'm low energy or under the weather, which seems to really be my point of vulnerability, while I work on getting my life routines and basic resourcing on track. The two things are physical puzzles (starting with rubiks cube) and drawing. For me, they meet 3 of the 4 needs (the social aspect isn't something I ever sought from gaming and I have solid social outlets already). I put in some solid initial time yesterday gathering the necessary materials and, mostly, putting in some initial reps so that I can start establishing those as habits that have appeal. Something that's also nice about them is that while they are likely to be engaging, they aren't quite as all absorbing/multi-sensory stimulating, and so I expect I'll be less likely to end up abusing them...

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