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Greetings, I’m here today because I am struggling to be off my phone games. When I wake up, I open them. Before I go to bed, I open them. One of them isn’t even a game it’s a coloring app! I’m hella addicted to my phone.

Not to mention I cannot relax. I have maybe two minutes of peace a day in my body or less. I’m tired, unemployed (recently), and unable to work on my goals. Generally I have lost faith in myself to accomplish things I admire in others. I am starting to think maybe I am not an impressive woman, maybe all there is is not going to accomplish much with her life. 

Goals for this journal:

1) Find a way to have fun again in life without the phone keeping me company all the time. I have small art projects laying around the house unfinished, I’d like to finish them. I also have Kathleen, Ash, Justice, Aaron and many more people I can hangout with in person. 

2) At least try to make and record a song. I can do it if I believe in myself and stick to it. Or perhaps pick up painting or art in some form because I like this coloring app, maybe I’d like coloring on something real.

3) Find a way to relax. This begins with dealing with major stressors; income, exercise, sleep hygiene and eating habits. Work is a huge one as I need to make sure I continue to qualify for unemployment, and start a website/yelp for my business.

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Hi Laney,

I totally feel that loss of faith in myself. At one point I thought I didn't have any future at all. I was gonna move out of state and work a minimum-wage job for the rest of my life if I had to, I thought. I was just feeling numb inside.

But we can both do better than that! We can kick the addiction, one day at a time! You got this, Laney, I believe in you!

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