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Back After Years


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It has been over five years since I first realized I had a gaming addiction. I haven't posted in much of that time but I have been struggling on and off again with gaming. Usually 3 months on 3 months off. I am currently trying to shoot for 1 year game free as my current record is six months. I hope to achieve that although my cravings have been super intense lately. Today is day 111 sober. Wish me luck.

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I deleted my two game accounts (Riot and Steam). I spent lots of money to buy lots of games and skins.

But I know if I keep playing game, my life will be worse and worse. 

It's only 17 days to complete deleting those accounts. 

I saw addiction ruin my relative's life.

Gaming addiction made my cousin look so ugly and can't find a girlfriend although he tried so much.

Gamble addiction ruined my uncle's life and make him losing lots of lots of money. He often drink alcohol. He is a bad father, bad husband.

I want to change my life so I have commitment not to come back, not to relapse. I chose lost money, not choose to be regret!!!


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