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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hi everyone! This is my journal!!!

Ray Cao

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From Sunday to today, from 26th to 29th
I have been studying Software Tester every day.

There is no weekend. There is no Saturday, no Sunday.

With me, just a day!

Wake up, do some stretching exercises. Then come back to study until evening, then go jogging, then eat dinner, read some books then go to sleep.

After punching one man in last futsal football match on Saturday, I was so worry about being revenged. OMG!

I couldn't sleep well. I send private messages to him to apologize but he didn't see, didn't reply.

So I decided to stay at home next Saturday, not go playing football. I will off for a week.

Sometimes, I feel boring and want to play game again. 

It's 2 days left then my Riot game account will be deleted completely. OMG!

Think about it, I feel so sad. Sometimes I want to stop this deleting progress.

But then I remember the Respawn, remember the commitment at the chapter 1: Quit game to change my life.

So, I keep my commitment, although somehow I still feel regret and hurt because my account will be gone forever.

Be discipline!

That's it!!!

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Hi! I'm back!

From Thursday, 2nd March to today, Monday, 6th March is from my 30th to 34rd.

I didn't write daily journal, but I also didn't play game.

My two game accounts (one is Riot, another is Steam) are deleted completely. I had set up deleting progress since 3rd February, 2023.

Sometimes I felt lonely, sometimes I felt so sad so I wanted to play game again so bad. But I didn't!

After 1 month quitting game, I had been studying a lot. Quitting game, I regain so much time to study, to do exercises, to go jogging.

In last 1 month, I went outside to joint about 3 meeting: speaking English; playing board games;...

I play football every weekend.

I bought some books to read.

I have been studying my software tester course so that I can find a tech job in next month.

That's all!


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Yesterday and today is my 35th and 36th day.

My two Riot and Steam account is deleted completely.

Now I only study, exercise and another activities.

I'm going run out of money so I can't go outside for any meet up event (cause going out for some event cost money).

So I stay at home whole day to study, do exercises (go jogging and play football), read book, meditate to relax.

That's all! That's my life now!

Thanks for reading!


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18 hours ago, Markus said:

Congrats on getting your accounts removed!

Reading your journal motivates me to find more activities for myself. Especially some social activities 🤔

I did deleted my game accounts. I don't regret at all.

I regain my time to study for the future.


About sport,... Yeah, you can try to find a sport to play.

In my country (Vietnam), futsal football is popular so that everyone can play it.

But it's quite risky.

I had got injured a lot after several years playing futsal football.

Some injuries cost me lots of money.

Other sports that's fighting but not too risky as football are badminton, ping pong,... or you just go jogging,...

The first match is the hardest match. 

If you don't like play sports, you can just walk.

The more you walk, the healthier you get (but under 10000 steps a day). It's cheap, but good. It's free. It's flexible!

That's it!



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Today is my 37th!

I kept studying Software Testing course. Almost complete it.

I think it's just about 2 - 3 weeks then I will complete.

Then I can apply CV for some tech job.

Can you give me some experience to find a fresher software tester job? I'm 30 now!

I feel quite embarrassed about finding a job at this age (30).

Quite sad about my life!

That's it!!!!



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Hi everyone!

From Friday to Sunday is my 38th - 40th day.

Yesterday, I play a football match on the futsal field in the afternoon.

My teams lost some games at the beginning but we won other games at last.

I felt so happy.

Today, I kept studying Software Testing. But it took me so much time to fix some bug.

I post my problem into Stackoverflow and some guys suggest the solution, then I found the right solution for my case.

Thing I'm grateful for yesterday and today:

  1. Some guys help me to cut my nail freely so as to I feel safe when being a goal keeper.
  2. My team played effectively at the end of the football match. We score 4 goals in a row.
  3. My younger sister bought some street dishes then shared with me.
  4. I watched some funny movies on the Youtube.
  5. I found a way to fix my bug problems.
  6. Mom called me to talk with me.
  7. I found a way to deal with my old colleague that she bought my books but not feel satisfied about them.

That's it!

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Long time no see!

It's 9-Apr-2023 now!!! Today is 68th day now!

Cause of quitting game, I have almost completed the software testing course.

But it's hard to find a fresher (or even intern) position now in my country. The competition rate is so high, 1/~40.

It means that there may be at least 20 - 40 candidates for a software tester fresher position.

And I don't have many strength so that I can be the best candidate. (I'm over 30 now. I'm male, not female.

I have graduated from IT school since 2015. It's a long time!)

I feel so depressed at some days. AND I RELAPSED 4 TIMES.

Although I deleted Steam and Riot game accounts. But somehow I still keep 1 game account, Wargaming one!

I had played World of Tanks for long times in the past. So in depressed day I downloaded the World of Tanks and played it, 4 times (4 days).

Now, I deleted my game client, haven't find a way to delete the account!

I found a way to work as a tester, online freelance tester! I found some platform that help people to work as a tester online!!!!

That's it!!!


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