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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hi everyone! This is my journal!!!

Ray Cao

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Hi! I'm Ray Cao. You can read my story here!

Today is my second day of 90 days. I'll tell Day 1 first.

Day 1, it' yesterday (1-Feb).

Finally I found a way to make sure that I can quit successful.

I found a community, people like me.

I had struggle to quit game. I knew it's not good. I knew playing game can't help solve my own problem (like finding job I like, have girl friend, improve relationship).

But playing game is an easy choice. And I tend to choose the easy choice.

I had played League of Legends for more than 2 years.

I had uninstalled this game several times. But at night, feeling lonely, sadness made me reinstalled it again.

With Respawn, I know that I need other activities to fill the void.

So in Day 1, I set up Riot account deleting process (you can see image below). My Riot (League of legends) account will be deleted after 30 days. No matter how much money I spent to buy skins.

It means that I have to cut off with my cousin. He is an party man. He always invited me to play something. Hang out with him is so fun. But hang out so much also ruined my life.

Stopping playing game, I found that I procrastinated lots of thing for a long time. Learning English, go jogging, practice to improve working skills, reading, heal myself,...

So that's it!!! I have been reading the Respawn and practice it!!!




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Day 2,

This is day 2!

After quitting game, I don't mind about something like how many times will I spend to play tonight?; it's 5pm; should I play game 1 hour before go jogging or jogging then play later?; if my cousin invited me to LoL game, how would I refuse him?;... Because I know that I need to keep my word (the promise) to myself so I can't playing anymore.

If I played, my self-esteem would be harmed again.

Beside playing game, our brain get dopamine through some activities like: check email; check messenger; watch cute girl; listen to music;...

So once I quit game, I'll try to do above activities as less as possible.

I study again to find a new job. I'm an SEOer.

When I went jogging, I talked with another man and feel so fun. So maybe communication, social activities is what I need next time!!!



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Day 3,

This morning, I started progress to delete Steam account (I couldn't delete it in day 1 cause network in my country have been getting problem recently).

But the old way of Steam account deleting is not work anymore. Because the Steam now doesn't accept disposable email.

So I found another solution. I register new email on other website like proton.me, then I could change the email and activated account deleting process.

I read chapter 5 today and found out the Cam's mindset about time (time isn't to be killed, but invested) is so valuable. With this mindset, I think I wasted lots of time in the past!!!!

Then I understand the sentence "what will you do in free time will affect your future".

No more game. I also try to avoid another dopamine (not good) activities like: check messenger too much; squeeze acnes; eat snack or fast food;...

I can stay focus to learn and work better. It's amazing!

I can go jogging by the time (~ 6h30) I set in the morning. If I still played game, maybe I would play game at 6h until 7h - 7h30, then get tired and sleep for 15' then give up taking exercise!!!

I registered a meet up event and will go for it tomorrow. Wow! If I didn't quit game, I won't. I would feel it's so hard to go out side to meet new people. That's not familiar with me.

But after quitting game, I found out I need to improve my life. So that I decided to go outside tomorrow.

That's my day!!!



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Day 4,

Today is a long day!

I went outside to drink coffee with friends in the morning.

I went to talking English coffee I found on Meet up. After this meeting I realized that my English listening skill is terrible. My English pronunciation is so bad also.

I couldn't hear English speaker clearly. I just could understand about 15% what they said.

Then from 5h pm - 6h30pm I played a futsal football match. I got exhausted after this match.

Long day. I feel my social skills is quite bad. Neet to improve it anymore.

So if you know some how to make friend article or book, how to understand what people say, how to increase EQ,... You can suggest them to me.

Thank you!!!

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Day 5,

I reach the chapter 6 in Respawn. It's quit interesting!

The explanation of Dam about how high dopamine affect our structural brain is quite similar to porn addiction!

Addiction with wrong thing usually ruins life of lots of people.

I have an uncle. He's my dad's younger brother. He got gambling and alcohol addiction. He's quite useless.

So that's why my dad always feel angry every time he meet his brother.

Luckily, he got married with a clever and organized wife who can run a small farm business to live and raise their child.

Wrong addiction usually ruins many people's life.


Today I keep learning SEO so that I can find an SEO job in next few week!


I often get sad and lonely at about 5 pm - 7pm. That's the time that I usually get temptation to think about and play game again. But I didn't.

I do yoga and pushups then feel better.


I'm reading 2 books of Jordan Peterson: 12 rules for life and Beyond order.

He gave me lots of perspective that helps me understand myself more then I can reject the game temptation easier.

That's my day!!!

Today I feel grateful for:

  1. I still have enough money to buy food (although I'm running out of it if I couldn't find a job).
  2. I still alive
  3. My computer is still working. If it get broken, I can't buy new one at this time
  4. The hurt in my right knee was gone. I feel hurt a little bit at my right knee at Friday night.
  5. I can watch a funny game show on Youtube tonight
  6. I'm still lucky that I got an apartment to stay (my father bought it for my younger sister. But there are 2 rooms. So I stay at one)
  7. My health is still wealthy, still good.
  8. My friend shared me some knowledge that I need.
  9. The woman who sells banh mi in the morning gave 2 more slices of meat. 
  10. I can park my motorbike in the new place that is nearer the last one!!!
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Day 6,

Yesterday (06 - Fev - 2023) is day 6!

My mom came to my apartment. But I feel like I don't like it.

She just come here. She had nothing to do. Instead, she did some chores like: clean the house, wash our clothes,...

Some parts of me don't that. That's my job. Not her. I'm not a kid anymore. I don't like nourishing style of her.

I feel boring with studying so I did nothing yesterday. I watch lots of video about Taoism on Youtube.

With boring, I almost feel relapsing to play game again. Thanks God I didn't!

I went outside for walking after dinner so I felt better.

That's it!!!




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Day 7,

Today I feel better!!! Didn't get urge and crave to play game anymore.

I realized the main reason that made me fell in 2022 (can't find new job, can't complete Software Tester on time,...) is playing too much, is addiction of game.

This year, I set up the progress to delete Riot and Steam account. No more games!

I limited the game conversation with my friends, cause he is my cousin. 

I wanna change my life. So I had to do it!

Things that I feel grateful for today:

  1. Mom shares me some lessons to make my life better: self-discipline and save money (don't spend more than what you earn).
  2. Another lesson is to be courage.
  3. Another lesson is don't bother things that isn't important with you!
  4. I ate lots of delicious noodle street food today!
  5. I ran into some cute girls on the street.
  6. I watched some video about the power of patience of Einzelgänger!
  7. I found out another store that sells good fruit!
  8. I can take a deep breath before letting my anger say something that is not good!
  9. Lucky I didn't sell my books. In the past I thought I will.
  10. It's not raining when I went outside.


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Day 8,

This is a long day!

I were outside most of day. I spent half day on police station to register a administrative paper.

Tonight I came to a Meet Up event to meet foreigners and play board game.

And no game today!!!

That's it!!! I feel so tired now!!! Gonna sleep soon!!!


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Day 9,

Today, I finally delete the email of Steam account, a proton mail. Now there is no turning back!!!!

(picture with Steam account deleting below)

Today I stay at home to study and practice software testing. I almost complete the Respawn ebook!!!

Things that I'm grateful for today:

  1. I got food the my fridge so that I can eat today!
  2. My sport shoes is still good enough to go jogging!
  3. The air is not so bas like yesterday evening!
  4. I pass an exam of my course that I'm studying.
  5. I had a good sleep last night.
  6. My checking card (to go outside of our apartment) got problem and I can find a solution for her.
  7. My phone is still working to make a Wi-fi hot spot so I can connect the internet from my PC for the exam.
  8. Finally, my football team found a day (this week) for the next futsal football match.
  9. It's not too hot. I'm still alright with this weather.
  10. I ran into some cute girls (on the street outside) today!!!



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Day 10,

Yesterday is day 10.

I spent Friday with studying and practicing. Study and practice software testing.

Practicing football skill to prepare for the Saturday match.

In the afternoon, my younger sister bought me a Vietnamese noodle (bun cha) but I didn't know why.

Just enjoy it!!!!


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Day 11,

Today is day 11!!!

In the morning I woke up, meditated for about 10 minutes, then did exercises and ate banh mi.

I keep practicing software testing. But it's hard to find a fresher manual tester job at this time with me.

I'm not young. I'm not female. I can't another strength that fit to find a fresher manual tester job.

I'm gonna studying automation testing. Maybe I can find a job later.

Things I'm grateful for today:

  1. I got a good sleep last night. It means I didn't wake up at the midnight (I often wake up at midnight to go to toilet before sleeping again).
  2. The banh mi breakfast was good.
  3. I finally completed test case writing in software testing practicing.
  4. I got courage to come to join the futsal football match. Although my team lost but I tried.
  5. I cooked a fried rice (with an egg, some slices of meat, dried fish) dish that my younger sister enjoyed it.
  6. I watched some good Youtube videos.
  7. I didn't feel to relapse or urge to play game again. I have enough time to play game in my life.

That's it!!!!!

Edited by Ray Cao
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Day 12,

It nearly two weeks. Can't I don't play game in almost two weeks.

For the first time, my mind is cleared out of playing game.

Before... I often thought that "tonight how many time will I play game? which time I start to play game, 8.30pm or 9pm? Had my cousin been sent message me or invited me to playing game yet? "

I often thought about games. "Some games on Steam is on sale. Did I buy them? It's so regret to not to buy them!!!"

But now, it's not!

I don't mind about playing game anymore. I know if I relapse and back to play game, I will wasted ton of times.

For the first time, I spend more time to work, to study, to practice something else.

I didn't say playing is not good. But it's not good if you're addiction to it. Cause many games are designed to hook up us.

So it's better to stay away from them then find other activities to do instead.

Thanks for the Respawn!

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Day 13,

It's coincidence that I'm writing about day 13 in 13 - Feb - 2023.

So It's almost two weeks from the moment I found out the gamequitter.com website, from the moment I decided to quit game for a long long time to change my life.

Game addiction ruined my life in 2022. I couldn't complete my Software Tester online course. I couldn't find a new job. I'm running out of money. My life sucks.

My life is like a loser. No job. No money. No partner. Maybe I'm still lucky that I got an apartment to stay (my dad bought it, not me).

Until two weeks ago, I had still got the thought that how I can spend several hours a day to play game!!!! But if I kept playing game, I guess my life would be worse.

After two weeks, I spent more time to work, to study, to go outside to meet people, to talking, to comeback to my real life.

Quitting game doesn't mean my life will be the best. But at least I don't feel regret. I feel better. I don't spend all day or all morning or all afternoon or play game 2 - 4 hour until 2 am then go to sleep with full of regret.

That's it!

Things I'm grateful for today:

  1. I finally find out a banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) bread cart that got good taste.
  2. I finally complete testing all test case about a small website plugin testing.
  3. My health is still good.
  4. I joined a English speaking class and had good time with people in that class.
  5. My old Yoga teacher sent message to ask for my health.
  6. I met my new friend who I first met when I when jogging last week.
  7. Fried fish dishes is good. Thanks mom!
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Day 14,

It's been two weeks! Thanks god! Two weeks that's out of playing game.

I haven't been playing game for two weeks.  It means I haven't been messaging my cousins for two weeks.

Last year,  I usually message with him almost everyday. Most of week he invited me to play game with him.

It was hard to refuse him at that time. But now, I can. He knew it. I posted the account deleting picture on my Facebook and he reacted to it.

Playing game in the past drained my motivation for doing another things.

After quitting it, I feel like I have to study much more to have a chance of getting job.

Things I'm grateful today:

  1. I bought a good breakfast dish.
  2. My younger sister bought me a banh mi (a kind of Vietnamese sandwich). It was good taste!
  3. I called my mom to talk with her.
  4. I read some good story about Taoist. I really like Taoist.
  5. Oh I found out a PDF version of a book about Taoist on Google. But I WILL buy it on Amazon after I get the first month salary of next job.
  6. I feel so sad at around 5pm - 6pm but I didn't relapse to play game.
  7. I got a good sleep last night.
  8. The fish I fried in the evening is good. Thanks mom!




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Day 15,

Today I got an exam for passing a lesson in my IT course. I think I did quite enough to pass this lesson.

I spent 2 days to review most parts of this lesson so I can answer the question mentor asked me tonight.

It took more than 3 months to complete this course. Playing game too much is one of biggest reasons that delay me so much.

And after quitting game for more than 2 weeks, I have time, have motivation, have the calmness, I know I must try to complete this course, to find opportunity to get a job in the future.

If I still played game, I wouldn't complete this lesson. Thanks GOD!!!

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Day 16,

I received an email with the content that I pass the lesson exam of IT course.

Finally I reach the last lesson of this course, automation tester.

Today I learned and practiced basic programming with Java.

Because there is no more game. So at about 6.30pm, after learning, I went outside to go jogging and play football.

That's it!

Things I'm grateful for today:

  1. A man from the online school that host the online IT course called me to ask me for reviewing the course.
  2. I felt better when I went jogging. I could go more durable than last time.
  3. I got a quite good sleep last night.
  4. I read some pages in a good book today!
  5. The food is good.
  6. I bought the wrong vegetable but in somehow I still could handle to eat it very well!
  7. The bread seller (of a bread cart) was nice with me. He still give more sauce when I asked him. Thank you!!! 


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Day 17,

Yesterday is my 17th day!!!!

After quitting game and try to limit time for social media (Facebook), I regain my energy to keep learning my Software Tester course.

I start to learn Automation lessons from my IT course. It's quite hard, but I could handle it!

In the past, each time I feel uncomfortable, feel confused I would think I would play game for entertainment, for relax, then I would come back to learn again.

But, you know, lots of games is designed to hook us up, to make us addiction. So I usually spent more time to play than I thought when I logged in the game.

So quitting is like taking back my time. Time for important things in my life.

That's it!


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Day 18,

Today I came outside to play a futsal football match.

Although it was rain but just light rain. Then the rain was over and we can play again.

We got about 15 men. So we divided into 3 teams (5 men/team).

First 2 of 3 teams will join the match. Which team that concedes a goal first lose.

My team got about 3 wins and 3 loses.

Things I’m grateful for today:

1.      I installed ColdTurkey application on my desktop so I save my time from accessing Facebook or email or Youtube.

2.      I could understand some quite hard knowledge on my IT course I’m studying (at least it’s hard with me).

3.      We got 15 men for this futsal football match this afternoon. Last week there just are 10 men and I got exhausted after playing for 1h30.

4.      It wasn’t rain so hard so we can play football.

5.      A friend ask us (me and my IT classmate) about our studying situation.

That's it!

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Day 19,

Yesterday, I limited time for using social medias and installed ColdTurkey so that I can't procrastinate (by go to Facebook, Youtube, check email,...) when I study.

Today is Sunday!

In the morning, I got up late. I felt so boring, so lonely. Thinking about not use Facebook Messenger for a long time made feel quite mad.

I didn't want to study. Maybe I need to entertain. But not game, or social media.

So I went outside, found a coffee shop to chill.

I came back home at 11 am o'clock and started to study. It was quite late but at least I keep studying (I had been running out of money so I need to find new job as soon as possible).

I had studied for about 5 - 6 hours until 8 pm. I was exhausted so I stop studying, went to kitchen to cook dinner.

After dinner I went down stair and went jogging for about 1.5km. After going jogging, I feel so comfortable!!!

And my day is still have no games!

That's it!!!!


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Day 20,

Today, I keep studying my IT course. I'm studying about OOP (object-oriented programming) today!!!

It's not easy. It's quite hard. So I spend too much time to understand it.

Programming is easy to try, but not easy to find a job.

After studying and having dinner, I went outside to go jogging. Going jogging help me to relieve stress.

That's it!!!!

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Day 21,

Today I'm still learning, go jogging.

WOW! it's been 3 weeks. So 3 weeks ago I have decided to quit game.

I did it after spending 2 days to play game and didn't do anything else.

I did it because I didn't want my 2023 is still bad like 2022.

I did it because I want to change my life.

A life without game but with something else.

It's quite late for me (I'm over 30 years old now).

But just started. I can't get back my past.

But I can do something so my future will be better than now.

So It's 10 days left then my two game accounts will be deleted completely.



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Hi, I'm back!!!

Wednesday is my 22nd game quitting day!!!

I had kept learning the IT course. I had been studying about Java, OOP, Exception,...

I met an college friend in the evening. We used to study in the same college.

After graduated, he applied for IT jobs. But I didn't.

Now he is a team leader. And I am nothing.

He shared me some knowledge that I thought it's so valueable.

He plays every night, "1, 2 games each night", he said.

But playing game is not a problem of him.

He got a job, a family, time,... And I got nothing.

Time is the only thing I have. So I have to use it wisely.

That's all!!!

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On last Friday, it's my 24th game quitting day!

I kept learning Software Tester. I'm learning Automation test lessons.

The online school gave an account so I can enroll and learn IT courses on Udemy freely.

In the afternoon and evening, I went jogging, practiced some football skill to prepare for the match on Saturday.

That's all!


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Today (Saturday) is my 25th game quitting day!

I completed an assignment of automation testing course.

I can study new lesson tomorrow.

I got a futsal football match tonight.

I met a guy that I don't like him, either does him.

He keeps telling what I have to do. And I didn't like it.

I think he got some biases on me. That's why he always feel uncomfortable when he plays with me in the same team!

And when we played in two different teams. We got some touch each other.

Then I got angry and punch him one time right at his right eye.

Then I had to leave the futsal field to get calm and to make every thing in order again.

Some part inside me feel good, the other don't.

But I got the feeling that I want to hit him that time. But now, I don't want do it anymore.

So I think I have to find a way to solve this problem.

That's it! That's my day!

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