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MIssed 2 days posting, hmmm. So much for commitment to a daily journal. Not feeling too bad about this, well really not bad at all because I have attended a GAA meditation meeting daily at 8 am Pacific time. I find starting my morning off with the meditation and sharing sets me up for success the rest of the day. I am inspired by the people that show up, share their story, coping mechanisms,  and sucesses. The meditation and reading calm/center me and give me an anchor to return to throughout the day.

Today will be my 5th day without a video game as part of daily activities. It's not hard to find other things to do - walk, art projects, reading, connecting with friends.  While these things happened when I was playing games - the game was always in the back of my mind. I'm finding that's diminished greatly and when it does show up I think back to the meditation or tell myself this is just a thought, I don't have to follow through, take a few deep breaths and immediately find something to do. 

While I'm feeling some success, thoughts of letting go of journaling every day occur to me. That seems premature and a set-up for failing. So through Feb, I'll continue journaling and reconsider the 28th. Particularly if I am meditating everyday.

Glad to be here, it helps, and wish everyonne on this path success. Peace out.

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13 hours ago, Lobares2 said:

Keep going! Btw you can use the same thread instead of opening a new one for every post. So all your journal entrys are together in one place

Thanks for the heads up about using the same thread. I wasn't quite sure how to do that; not particularly saavy in this regard, 🙂 onward!


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Don’t be too stressed about not posting daily. It might be called ”daily journal” but it doesn’t mean you have to post every single day. Just like a diary the point is to express something when you feel it’s important to do so. If you stay true to your commitment there is plenty of time to get all of your thoughts out; there’s really no rush. 

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