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[GENERAL] How are you doing?

Franco Sosa

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4-5Years since I quit League. Never had any problem with any other game. A few months ago I started to play CoD again, I REALLY like it, but I can just stop whenever I want, I get bored of it after a few hours etc. But yea, I basically never game nowadays, because I simply dont want to, I would like to play Lol again, but I know I would get hooked immediately. Love to play together with friends IRL on consoles still! Of course those things are np for me, but for ppl who have a general problem with games, they should just dont touch anything. Dont think you can moderate. Its not possible, otherwise you would never have been addicted in first place. 


However I experienced that all the detox, doesnt matter what, cant help you to success. Its NECESSARY but but not SUFFICIENT. If you have problems with self control, you have to quit these things(games, internet,  netflix) in total, because they prevent you from doing anything. But just because you quit, it doesnt mean you will use your time 100% productively from that point on. And I am still on the part of this, doing stuff I am actually supposed to do. I am looking forward to actually achieving this. Right now I think the environment is a big problem and you need to change it to truly change yourself. At least thats what I am thinking since last year, where somethings changed suddenly(partly luck, part decided for myself), and suddenly many problems solved itself. 

Earlier I always thought ‚you have to stay strong‘ ‚stay diciplined‘. Thats important yes. But sometimes its just better to not buy the sweets in first place instead of buying them and put them next to you and still trying to ‚stay strong‘ and hold on to the diet. I hope you get that metaphor lmao, I think its pretty accurate. What I wanna say with it: You must stay disciplined, but you can make it easier. Sometimes the environment doesnt allow you to stay away from games, because all your friends are gamers. You inevitably relapse due to this. So maybe you need to leave those friends -> and suddenly you stay sober for years. So the environment is a big, big thing IMO. I always tried to stay strong, 4-5 years, It never worked out until last year, where the environment changed a bit. 

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I quit officially at the end of last summer, but relapsed after my 90 day detox. With no clear goal in mind I convinced myself that I could have a healthier relationship with gaming by managing my hours in front of the screen. It didn’t work at all and I was caught in a loop of quitting, relapsing, quitting, relapsing etc. 

Now it’s been about a month since I last gamed anything and I feel I’m on the right track finally. I’ve sold and got rid of anything gaming related so there’s less temptation around me. Playing games still lingers in my mind from time to time but I don’t have any urges to start anything up. 

One of my biggest saviours have been photography and skiing. They take a lot of my time and I find them really joyful to do. Especially skiing since it also involves physical training.

I’m at a point now where I don’t like to stay at home at all because I don’t find anything interesting to do. Sometimes I watch Netflix and some Youtube but it doesn’t last long. I’m not a fan of social media so I guess that’s helping me from getting caught up in those kind of activities. 

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