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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Bought and sold 3 TV’s and 6 consoles within a year


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Yep, the struggle has been real. I rationalize these crazy impulses by thinking it will be different the next time, but it never does. I start out with some small games that take a couple of hours to finish and then I get hooked by the latest big thing. It just spirals out of control and becomes almost an obsession where I’m watching my phone every now and then to watch my progression bars go up. 

Well I’m sick and tired of this behaviour. I previously managed to stay game free for 90 days and I’m aiming to manage a full year now. The hardest part is not looking for news about releases and consoles as I like to watch clips on Youtube. But maybe I can find some way to get around this in the near future. If anyone has any advice on the matter I’ll gladly take it. 

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