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How to deal with young family members who game?


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Hi all, 

I'm 67 days into my detox and it's mostly going well - I've had a couple of wobbles along the way but haven't relapsed 😊

What I'd like to know is how to handle young family members who game. My nephew is 6 and it's so hard to get across to him that I can't game with him  any more - he used to love me playing things like Pokemon with him - I'd love to know if anyone else has had this experience and how you dealt with it?

He usually asks for games for Christmas and I'm dreading needing to buy those 😂



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I share the objective downsides of television and gaming. I will not press it but respond if a child wants to know why I don’t partake in a particular activity.

i can explain how the game designers study traits of the human reward system and specially tailor systems to create a dependence on the video game. The rewards of video games are illusionary, but the rewards of physical exercise and healthy activities are not. Video games negatively affect the eyes, back, discipline and development.

This sincere conversation can generate a craving in a child to live a higher quality life and to follow sports, family and educational events instead of time wasting.

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