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  1. Hi all, I'm 67 days into my detox and it's mostly going well - I've had a couple of wobbles along the way but haven't relapsed 😊 What I'd like to know is how to handle young family members who game. My nephew is 6 and it's so hard to get across to him that I can't game with him any more - he used to love me playing things like Pokemon with him - I'd love to know if anyone else has had this experience and how you dealt with it? He usually asks for games for Christmas and I'm dreading needing to buy those 😂 Thanks!
  2. Day 67 - my cravings have subsided a bit now. They're still there buy haven't been as bad. And I haven't given in or relapsed 😊
  3. 100% yeah, I keep having to stop myself buying a new one 😂 Luckily it's getting easier with time and it's WAY easier to avoid without the consoles. I think if I still had the consoles there would definitely have been a relapse. I mostly see them on Twitter even though I'm sure I don't follow any gamers any more!
  4. The past few days have been the worst so far! I keep seeing the new Pokemon games everywhere and it's so hard not to give in. But I haven't given in yet 😊
  5. Really struggling with cravings at the moment. I haven't given in but I've been so close. One of my hamsters passed away recently and all i want to do is game - I'm a bit pokemon fan, so knowing the new games ate out next week is SO challenging. I just need to try and battle through this
  6. You're so right about that Yan 😊 Luckily with my role I shouldn't need to game at all - we just have to watch videos sometimes on options customers have. I think you're absolutely right though about the job!
  7. My place of work are doing a hugely focusing on gaming (I work for a phone network) - I'm not sure how to deal with this without getting triggered or relapsing. We're forced to at least learn about it.
  8. Thank you. I love that idea. I'll give it a go 😊
  9. Thank you so much for the advice, I think you're so right about even just doing a little bit on some days 😊
  10. My place of work are doing a huge campaign to do with gaming. I work for a mobile phone network - what advice would you give me to do the learning I need about this without getting triggered/relapsing? Thanks 😊
  11. It's been a while since I posted. I think I'm around a month into quitting now. I haven't gamed during that time so I'm proud of that, but I've had some hella cravings on some days. When I first quit I found it easy to try new hobbies, but as time goes by I keep losing interest in them. I keep telling myself to try but I have NO motivation at all a lot of days. I feel like it'll improve though if I keep trying. I do still read a lot and have had that as my main focus recently.
  12. That's a great idea 😊 I've been on an almost permanent detox from social media since around April and it makes a huge difference - over time you'll really start to notice how free you feel. It's also quite nice to feel more "grounded" and in the real world - good luck 😊
  13. I think I'm about 25 days in now - my medication is making me feel a bit "drunk" and like everything is in slow motion today so I'm going to take it easy, but I did make some progress with my writing yesterday. I had some nasty cravings this morning and really wanted to go on the Switch - I'm so glad I sold it as otherwise I may have given in. I'm really pleased with my progress but also know that there's going to be roadblocks and that is normal.
  14. Thank you for the support 😊 I'm really glad I sold it too. I've been getting cravings and it's so nice not being able to give into them. How are you getting on?
  15. Definitely! I think the gaming could honestly be a part of it - with the way it affects your dopamine you're always looking for a new rush and new excitement- nothing seems as fun as gaming for long and then you switch to something else and so on. Hopefully we'll see a reduction as we go through this journey 😊