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How do you deal with gaming exposure in everyday life?


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I'm almost a month into my gaming free life now and so far it's been going really well. I haven't played any games at home and for the most part not thought about games at all. I do however recognize the challenge when it comes to avoiding games in everyday life; when visiting friends and family for instance or when I go to work where my collegues are gaming. In my case I also work at a youth center where gaming is a big part of what we specialize in, and since I have so much experience it has become my responsibility to look after all of our consoles and the games that we provide. I do however manage to approach games differently when it comes to these particular scenarios. I don't get any urges to start playing as it feels like I'm doing work rather than enjoying myself. The only time I do allow myself to be invested is when I play party games with my friends, but these games have no hold of me when I'm away from my friends; they are gone from my mind the minute I take my leave. All of this is still new to me of course and I'm approaching with some caution.

How do all of you approach this? Are you trying to stay away from anything game related as much as possible? If so, what kind of strategy do you use when dealing with friends and family?

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Personally I struggle a lot with this and tend to favour eliminating them,

Some things that I have tried that work best are blockers on my pc and using a flip phone in my day to day life. This means that most of the time I can't play even if I want to,

But the ideal thing is to explicitly inform your friends and family about your problems with games, often times you will end up not only with less triggers in your life but also with more support and barriers to help you with games

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