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AutismSportsballer's Journal

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Day 1 - June  16th, 2022.
89 days to go. (90 Day Detox)

Today I began the 90-day detox. I'm not going to touch a video game in that time. Didn't do too much today, mostly just stayed at home and made preparations to begin the detox. I did watch a Canadian football league game today, so that was fun. I'm going to start a regiment tomorrow of getting up at 6AM to try and realign my sleep schedule. 

P.S. - Oh and I did do the first lesson of Respawn today. Will start doing 1 lesson per day, every morning.


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Day 2 - June 17th, 2022.
88 days to go (90 Day Detox)

Woke up at 6AM and took the dog for a walk (haven't done that in a while)... then passed out again and didn't wake up till 2PM. Got to get my sleep schedule realigned, so I'm going to sleep within the next 30 minutes of writing this. Watched a baseball game today and another CFL game, both were fun. Had pizza for dinner, pepperoni sausage and mushrooms. Yummy. Did my second lesson of Respawn, starting Module Two tommorow!

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