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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Gaming addiction has shattered my primary education. Today I admit that failure and start rebuilding.

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Greetings, everyone. I'm not one for writing big long monologues, so I'll keep this short & to the point.

Gaming has not only played an important part of my life, but a critical part in it up. When I lacked certain functions as a youngling due to development inadequacies, games picked up the tab for me. I loved gaming, however lately, it has become a problem and has severely messed with my life.

Essentially I fell into the trap of playing them so much too the point where I have coughed up my senior year of High School, twice, have lost interest in most other areas (although within the last couple weeks some of those interests have started to return/new ones have arisen.), my IRL relationships are being strained/broken, and my physical health has taken a crappy turn. To put it plainly, I'm up shit creek at the moment (pardon language).

Today I acknowledge my failure and my weakness, and I have committed to the 90-day detox. That's the first step to recovery. I'm also going to be making preparations to pursue a GED as well as getting a job, exercising more, etc. Just general life things.)

Here are a few things about me in case anyone is wondering, since this IS an introduction.

-I'm diagnosed with Autism, on the higher-functioning end of the spectrum (although still socially inadequate in some areas) -I. love. sports. -I like Star Wars & Marvel, trying to get into Star Trek. -I enjoy the Warrior Cats book series (one of the few books I read currently) -I like trying about any type of food.

I look forward to meeting many of you here. I humbly ask for your support as I begin my recovery process. Cheers!

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