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March 17, 2022

Hey guys, MrHarr here. So today I officially am trying to quit my addiction to videogames, with the help of my wife, MrsHarr. She signed me up for this place and I figured, “Sure, let’s try it.” I took a look at my life yesterday and realized that I was addicted really bad, even getting to the point of being depressed about leaving games behind. But after spending time with my wife before work, talking and laughing, I realized that life was so much more than games. My wife and I do enjoy playing together sometimes, and so I decided to curb my addiction and turn it into a hobby instead, as well as developing other hobbies to do in the meantime. This weekend I’m planning on going fishing with a work buddy of mine, so that’s some good news. 

March 18, 2022

Hey again! MrHarr here. I’m looking forward to the rest of my 89 days of detox from VG’s, and I’m in a much better mood today than I was. I still miss my Minecraft, but I’m hopeful and eager to start my life over. Even since yesterday, I’m feeling more confident and empowered to be less emo-nerdy edgelord gamer and more strong-man husband for my wife. I really want this to work and I have faith that I’ll be able to do this, with the help of God and my wife, and y’all as well. Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow!


March 19, 2022

Hey again guys. Today I went and hung out with my friend, and unfortunately… no fishing. It ended up being too windy today, but we instead went to Walmart and took a look at hunting and fishing stuff, and just hung out for awhile. He eventually had to go with his girlfriend and eat, meanwhile, I went ahead and bought myself some Guinness Coffee Beer to enjoy while my wife prepared our late Saint Patricks day dinner. (And I mean dinner as in lunch.) It’s a good day today. I still miss my games a lot but I’m still happy that my wife and I get to spend time together. 

March 24, 2022

So unfortunately I missed a couple days, but here’s a quick recap. 
Wife and I went to church, had a storm day or two., and I unfortunately slipped up and watched some videos and stuff, so I’m tacking on three more days to add to my 90-day detox. 

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March 26, 2022

Hello again! The last few days have been a little bit of a struggle, however, that’s to the help of God and my lovely wife, I’m getting through it. In the meantime, my wife helped me to bring up some issues I had no idea I was covering up with my gaming addiction. Some issues from my childhood that were still affecting my marriage to this day. I’m not over it yet but I believe I’m actually making progress. That’s all for now. Thanks y’all! Good luck on your journeys, and God bless. 

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March 30, 2022


Hello there! Sorry I keep kissing a few days here and there. I’m trying hard to keep fighting, and so far haven’t failed once. I really wanna kick this addiction, and I’m gonna keep going. Some of the things I’m grateful for are:

My wife, my family, and my soon-do-be daughter. She’s gonna be born on August 11, 2022. This is my wife’s and my first child, so praise God for that! 

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Have a great day and God Bless.

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March 31, 2022


Hey again! Nothing much to report today, just still living my life. Been about 11 days without VG’s so that’s good! Longest I’ve been without playing so far. Slowly adjusting to my new life. Although some bad news… I got demoted at my job yesterday. So real big bummer there… but it’ll be alright. I still work for the same company just won’t be getting as much money. Outside of that, things have been pretty good. 

Have a great day and God bless. 

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