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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Just writing


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I guess this'll work like a kanban board:

Overall, progress pretty shit today.

Gamed quite a bit (until 5pm)

Did some work just now on my essay that's due next month so that's good, hopefully more tonight.


Gotta grab a good night's sleep too.

Hopefully I remember this tomorrow haha.

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Hi hope ur doing well

Just a friendly advice : you should make it the hardest possible for yourself to game because if you don't you will crave and be tempted and you know what happens next

Relying solely on your will power is not a good strategy

Personally I knew as long as I have my phone on me I will relapse so I left it at my parents house and now I'm only using an old nokia phone , at first I was raging but after a while I came to accept it and now I'm making more of my days instead of just killing my time gaming or procrastinating

I don't know if you could make a decision as bold as mine but try your best and believe me you won't regret it

Good luck , don't surrender

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