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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

12 years in the making - many relapses

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Hi fam, 

I'm Nico from Québec Canada. I'm 34 and my main language is french. Hardcore gamer since I was 12. Decided to quit around 12 years ago after what I could call a spiritual awakening that followed a deep depression and dark night of the soul. I've been following Cam for at least 7-8 years now on Youtube and Facebook. So wtf am I doing here after so friggin long? Well, I still haven't fucking stopped gaming. It's been on and off for around 12 years now. I guess I'm here today because I WANNA LIVE MY BEST LIFE and because I'm looking for a way to truly motivate and engage myself into this life, my REAL life. I want to invest my time into things that really nourish me. I feel like gaming is holding me back from becoming who I am and manifesting my full potential. So I'm looking for your support. I'm looking to get inspired by your succes and your failures. I also want to contribute to other people's journey by offering my experience and love. Maybe helping others will help me stay commited. 

So here I am, after I stopped gaming about 20 times in the past decade. Is this one for real? I'm writting this at 0:01. The first minute of my new life? 

By the way, I've grown A LOT in those last 12 years. I've had long stretches of not gaming that paid off big time. I've also had periods of relapses where I wanted to kill myself. Periods that thought me what I really wanted with my life. I've also had periods of not-gaming that were just as meaningless, watching tv shows, movies, and overall spending just as much time in front of the screen wasting my precious time away. 

What I want to do now is really invest my time and energy into things that make me vibrate, that make me love my life and feel like I'm truly following my heart's calling.

Are you with me? Let's freakin go! 

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Hey mate,

I've just created my account in order to introduce myself to all of you when my eye caught your post. Your first name did it haha. Nice to meet you Nico 🙂

Saying that I can relate to almost everything you said is by no means a coincidence here on the forum but I still do and think that you are without question doing the right thing. I'm with you on this exact same journey and feel strengthened by it.

Let's freaking go indeed and if you ever feel the need to chat or if I can help out in any other way, just holler!

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