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Listening to Gaming music


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Hello community!

I wanted to know how you guys fell about listening to gaming music after you stop gaming.  I personally won't listen to gaming music from the games I was addicted(WoW,Hearstone, Starcraft...) but I find myself listening sometime to old gaming music especially from my childhood. 

Would this lead me for a relapse later on?



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I don't know if this would lead you to a relapse later on; this depends on what this music means to you and reminds you of, and how you react to hearing it. I would track your response to it to see if it is harmful in any way.

I listen to music of games I've previously played (in which the music is actually good tho haha) quite a bit; and I still am interested in seeing Game Development Diaries, talks, and such. But, I only allow myself these things because they do not cause urges for me- they're exciting and fullfilling on their own. I just find video game music to be a very unique medium, and game development diaries often offer very interesting perspectives from an artistic view. 

So, this depends on you- is listening to OSTs fullfilling on its own, or does it make you crave for gaming? 


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