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How to stay focused as a self employed business owner?


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I'm glad I'm off games, now I can put that deep focus into growing my business again. (it slowed down a lot due to gaming).

I think I should get out of the house more to do my work, on a laptop for example, except I just find it much easier to work with a mouse and keyboard (digital marketing / design).

How can I keep more focus without chugging down a lot of coffee? That makes me more inclined to work (dopamine reasons probably), but I still struggle staying focused, and actually working..

Will it get better with time?

Any other self employed home business owners that can help me with building a daily schedule?

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I am not self employed, but can offer a book that relates to personal development and helps in this regard:

Atomic habits. There is a story about the British cycling team that could never win anything in international championships until they changed the man in charge.

The new manager did something like 1 per cent incremental improvements in various areas of training, selection criteria, morale, funding. Whenever it appeared that they achieved the maximum point, he’d find a method to improve the overall performance even more. They then dominated that sport for many years.

In my job I can remember how ridiculously slow my work was in the beginning. A lot of unnecessary operations, misspent money and effort.

I’d drop out if i didn’t actively look for ways to increase valuable output without stressing myself.


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