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  1. Hi, First I will ask you to not instalock this topic and only reply with constructive criticism. Yesterday, I was browsing on the internet and I saw this article : http://kingpinlifestyle.com/how-to-quit-playing-video-games/ . I have to admit that I ignored this... But anyway, let's continue. I advance in your website and find some stuff there and there about leaving video games. Your system have some flaws : For example on a video you said to your users to DELETE all their games. If they really need to delete all their game to say "I quit gaming" for me I guess that the reason to quit gaming isn't strong enough... One day I read on a health forum someone asking to stop smoking what advice have been given ? They didn't say hide all your cigarettes and destroy them, no, no, no on the contrary they said to try to keep a packet of cigarettes in a cupboard, so this person is REALLY stoping smoking and is doing it by it's own, not because it's forced. I guess you should do the same in your method, stopping gaming should be your own decision. When you are seeing men who aren't playing video games, how will they react if they see video games ? They do not care about it, that's all. In fact, you should be the same when we've finished your program right ? I do not think, I haven't tried it but I guess it... The 2nd problem with your website is that your are "forcing" people to stop video games once they enter in your site Cam, you use aggressives techniques (with videos or text) to make sure that if somebody is entering on your website, their mind wouldn't change, they won't want to continue, they'll feel injured. To finish off, I would just say that if I want to stop gaming I'll do it, but for the moment I don't see problem with it (feel free to hate the community) because I'm not playing 24/24 7/7 . If somebody agree or doesn't agree with me don't hesitate to tell me, I'll be happy to get your returns.