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  1. Gameplays may help you, but there are many other alternatives as well that can help you when you're stressed. What other ideas do you have for next time?

    I think that it would be better to put headphones on, listen to music or podcast and do some physical work. This will keep my mind busy on something less, distracting it's focus on gaming.

  2. @Piotr I like the format you're using in your journal now.  Especially the color coding. :) 


    They seemed brilliant at first, unfortunately, after checking the internet, I've found out that both of them already exist. This kinda brought me down, that I might not be able to come out with anything original. Still thinking, though.

    Just because you re-invented the wheel doesn't mean it was any less brilliant :) 


    I wanted my journal to be more clearer. That's why I've improved it's layout. I'm glad you like it! Anyone who likes it, feel free to copy it!

    Yes, there are many "re-invented" brilliant projects(the biggest one I can think of is facebook), but my desire is to create something completely new, I want to set a standard.

  3. Hey @SuperSaiyanGod, there was a time in my life where I had accepted being alone and just like you, spend new years eve in my room, gaming. If I could say anything to me in that time, it would be to avoid loneliness. Going out to people really helped me to abstain from masturbation. Maybe you should think about that? Loneliness and films like porn really distort perspective of how we see other people. That's why I strongly advise that you should add "becoming social" to your porn and masturbation fighting plan.

  4. Journal entry #66
    Days game free: 107

    Days procrastination free: 3

        Yesterday, I've felt into tuff situation. It was very hard for me to deal with the emotions; I couldn't sleep. Some kind of anxiety and depression hit me that night, together with physical symptoms like shaking hands, feeling something like my nervous system is burning. I've had the strongest cravings, since I've decided to quit and I knew that gaming will easily ease that pain. Deep inside I somehow knew/felt that this symptoms comes from no-gaming; from lack of temporary escape.
    I've didn't expected this symptoms at my "level"(this is my second completed detox). I wanted to install game and play so hard. My body somehow begged for it. On the other hand I knew that few weeks after detox, comes relapse, so I tried to withstood this, and didn't played, but I've eased the pain by watching gameplays on youtube(I've never watched it, they weren't my problem, so I've decided that I can use it, this one single time). This helped to not game and withstand this harsh emotions.
    I'm trying to release myself from gaming which took my life. I think that watching that gameplays doesn't count as relapse, because even in times when I was a gamer I've didn't watched them. Or nevertheless, I should see this as relapse? What do you think?

    Daily activities check for yesterday:
    glass of water in the morning/evening   - done
    affirmation                                         - done
    non-dominant hand training                 - done
    reading self-development book            - nope, I need to get a new one

    What I've done yesterday to improve my financial status:
    I thought about 2 ideas for an app, which could be my side job. They seemed brilliant at first, unfortunately, after checking the internet, I've found out that both of them already exist. This kinda brought me down, that I might not be able to come out with anything original. Still thinking, though.

  5. Journal entry #65
    Days game free: 106

    Days procrastination free: 2

        OK. So new idea came in. Firstly, for financial independence I should have multiple sources of income. I currently have my 9 to 5 job, which makes me feel insecure, because loosing this job means losing everything.
    Secondly, my set aside money, equals to only my three weeks paycheck. Where it is advised, that when you work for someone else you should have set aside money to sustain yourself for three to six months. Surely, such backup will make me more confident in terms of financial security.
    Thirdly, I should have assets. By assets I don't mean to buy lot's of things, but investing in things that bring money back.

    1. I should have more sources of income. I'm still pushing through writing websites. I'm considerating some homemade sales.
    2. I need to increase my set aside money equal to my three months paycheck.
    3. I think that it's too early for me to have assets which will bring money right away, but I'm staying open-minded and I'm looking for opportunity.
     Beside that, I've already made some investments, like my studies or self development books.

    Daily activities check for yesterday:
    glass of water in the morning/evening   - done
    affirmation                                         - done
    non-dominant hand training                 - done
    reading self-development book            - nope, I need to get a new one

    What I've done yesterday to improve my financial status:
    Watched a few videos on youtube about side jobs. I've learned the real meaning of wealth and important aspect of assets.
    Note: There should be a few sources of income, the number of them should be defined by ability to manage multiple sources.
             Sources, should be from different categories. This method protects from "dark times" where ie. the thing you've invested in, falls in price.

  6. At first, and as always ;) great picture!

    Secondly, I'm really amazed by your long term goals. Especially when I saw the 4 years one. This means something real. Good luck on that, cause I can't wait to hear about the results! 

    Thirdly, I see that new year brings you the idea of new changes and plans for you, too. We are both set for success, we both have plans, so let's both have a deal that we will accomplish them.

    Greetings, Piotr.

  7. Hey @SuperSaiyanGod you wrote that you can't abstain for more than couple of days. This shouldn't bother you, because this is how things start. My first no porn and no fap detox lasted 3 hours. Do you realize how pathetic this sounds? I relapsed after 3 hours... But I didn't gave up. My next detox lasted day, than one and a half day, four days, than suddenly I managed to withstand two weeks, then had some relapses every few days. All of this, lead to this that I don't need this anymore. Especially since I have a girlfriend, when I realized how real life close-ups differ completely from this what you see on porn. I advise you to work on quitting this ASAP, because the earlier you start, the earlier you will be successful!

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  8. Hello! Good to have you here!

    You've made a wise decision, taking your life into your hands. Education is a thing which will surely pay off, so don't give up on this. I've had autodesk inventor on my classes, unfortunately we had too little hours to get a certified diploma, but it was great experience though! I want to point out a thing which @AlexTheGrape wrote: you've just started and already you have specified goals. You are a very rare case, where you don't have too look for goals, you don't have to find yourself. That's why I think you can be very successful in the future. Just don't give up!

  9. Best wishes for your son!

    Sometimes we can't change something to help others, I found out that in most cases people simply appreciate staying with them, than giving a solution. So be strong, don't give up and support and cheer up your family.

    Once again, best wishes from Piotr!

  10. I recommend to put answering to "1000 DAYS CHALLENGE!" topic in journal section. This way you can encourage the author to be more consistent in his life :D

    I didn't placed it because I thought it was so obvious ;)

  11. Be strong and keep going! Return to real world is hard, but in time everything will be better. Days will become more colorful in time. This world seems though because it's completely different from game, where the only thing you have to do, is invest your time. In real life you have struggle, some things we will be never able to achieve, but the major difference here is that this world is real. You've just started rocking at this reality!

    Greetings, Piotr.

  12. Journal entry #64
    Days game free: 105

    Days procrastination free: 1

         Ok. I've just realized I'm writing in DAILY journal section, not so daily... again... I think it would be wise to change that, because I'm loosing track on how things goes. Especially now, where I'm in very vulnerable-to-relapse times.

    I know that often people make great plans for new year, but then they forget/abandon them. Since I've joined Game Quitters in may(and started fighting my gaming problem by quitting cold turkey in march), I've relapsed two times and learned lot's of things along the way. Main thing I want to point out, is that life goes by and I should take real life action. I should be a little less passive, taking more into my hands but not to overwhelm myself.
    I'm starting slow with list of everyday activities. Surely it will expand over time. Maybe you have any suggestions on what should I add?
    I've also thought about larger plans for next year on a 3-6-12 months scale. I've realized that they require greater finances than I currently have. So that will be my next year main theme - improving finances. It's inevitable if I want to invest in myself. So let's thrive!

    Daily activities check for yesterday:
    glass of water in the morning/evening   - done
    affirmation                                         - done
    non-dominant hand training                 - done
    reading self-development book            - nope, I need to get a new one

    What I've done yesterday to improve my financial status:
    I've read a few articles on side jobs/freelancing.
    Note: I've talked with my sister, which pointed out how homemade Christmas decorations prices are really inadequate to price of raw materials. Of course salesman needs to make his part, but this is a good idea to have in mind when Easter will come.

  13. My posts for the past few days. During all three I had work in the evening and so didn’t have the time to post.


    Post-Detox Day 241


    Today has been a good day of travel and working. I was welcomed back into the workplace warmly, and got on with some errands. A relatively unprogressive day, but the last of my days I actually give myself some holiday rest time.


    Post-Detox Day 242


    Today has been a little tiring but I’m back on track. I was working a double shift (lunch and dinner) and so I’m filling my time with something useful. I went out to exercise in the morning to meet up with the workout group, but nobody arrived. I went on a run with the dog instead, and that went pretty well (although I didn’t push myself). I got to bed pretty late, which wasn’t so good.


    Post-Detox Day 243


    Today has been another good busy day. I did the double shift again, and I got to bed pretty close to on time. I didn’t exercise in the morning, but sleeping in helped a little. It’s not good for consistency though. I had a call with my accountability partner and I have been reminded yet again that I’ve “hit a wall” because I no longer have a compelling motive to continue exercising and doing all this self-development stuff if I can no longer work towards the defence force.


    Post-Detox Day 244


    Today has been a great day! I spent the morning doing the beep test and working out with my friends, doing the last of my Christmas shopping, and in the afternoon went to an archery war with foam arrows with another group of friends. All in all a wonderful day!


    Gratitude journal


    I am grateful for always having Mondays off of work.


    I am grateful for hot milo drinks.


    I am grateful for being able to drive people around.


    One amazing thing that happened/I did today:


    Spending time with old and new friends, catching up, and making new friends was a blast today. For some reason I can’t explain I became a big socialiser of the group of 8 during my time with them, coming up with most of the jokes and moving the conversation forward. It might be simply due to putting a smile on my face, a genuine interest in getting to know everyone, and confidence.






    Daily task planning ahead of time




    Exercise planning


    I’m going with the workout group tomorrow morning.










    Daily affirmation




    Fully cold shower




    Reading + taking notes




    Getting to bed before 10:10pm




    Daily application of self-development skills


    Keep proactive, and TAKE DUMB ACTION!


    Weekly Goal(s)


    Spend at least 30 minutes of time playing with my brothers every day possible.


    Use my flash cards daily for learning Japanese.


    Exercise every day


    Organise all meetups for this month and the next by Wednesday


    Monthly Goal(s)


    Have at least one video of my holiday programme on YouTube with a dedicated channel.


    Have gotten to know the inhabitants of 10 neighbour households.


    Old 3 Month Goal (1 month left!)


    My three month goal is to develop my leadership skills enough to confidently coach a sports team or lead another form of community group.


    3 Month Goal


    Expand my holiday programme to a running business/be running my own community group within my neighbourhood.


    Know my neighbours from at least 100 households/have them as contacts for my holiday programme.


    12 Month Goal


    Be running my own community group, hosting public events (more detail needed)


    48 Month Goal


    Have grown my holiday programme/community group to be accessible by at least half of the NZ population.


    Have the skills (namely leadership) to have my options open for being an entrepreneur or having a normal job.


    What went well today:


    Putting my leading foot forward to be a leader and socialiser within the friend group.


    What didn’t go well today:


    Not much, but I’ve been doing pretty poor in terms of meditation and visualisation recently, so I need to ramp that up.


    What I could have done to make my day better:


    Getting more sleep!


    What I will do differently tomorrow:


    Meditate and visualise in morning, go to the library to get lots of mundane tasks done if needed.


    Photo Stream


    I took this photo in my car today when I noticed this on my dashboard. I quickly turned it into a meme, I’m now trying to improve my photoshop and illustrator skills (also needed for the trump coin).


    meme maker 1-01.jpg

    A while ago I had took a picture in my car. (I was counting kilometers for that one, though)


  14. Dude, don't fuckin' give up!

    Don't get back into this whole mess. I remind you because you're again fresh after detox. Don't kill it with instant spell!

    And don't get to the place where I am right now. That sucks, to be honest.

    Greetings, Mad Pharmacist

    Remember that place you're in right now, is the place when 1000 day journey starts :)

  15. Journal entry #62

    Days game free: 92
    Procrastination free: 2

    I had some really strong cravings today to play Gothic. Felt kinda nostalgic. Fortunately, I had classes at university whole day. If I would be in my home at that time, I would probably relapse.

    Done my best at today's exam(the hardest subject in my field of study, olders says), but unfortunately I have mixed feelings on whether I passed it or not. Waiting for results.

  16. @Piotr I have made it a personal goal to read on journal a day!

    DING, DING,DING today you have been the grand prize winner!  I have read your journal! :D

    I did notice the two times you slipped was after you started trying really hard against procrastination.  I wonder if procrastination isn't your soul's way of trying to listen to God.

    Is it procrastination if you sit outside, look at the sky, smell the earth, listen to the voice of God on the wind and commune with a tree?  

    Gratz on 91 days :)))))

    oh and I respect you for restarting your timer when you slip :) 

    I guess I will have to play in some kind of lottery, cause lastly I have lot's of luck at random things :P  Anyway, it's an honor for me, that you spend so much time on reading my journal @dandielionous. The suggestion which you made, about relapsing at hard-fight against procrastination seems very probable. At current detox I started to fight procrastination in more calmer way. I don't over-plan my day, but I calculate time for each activity to finish it at ease, this way, every time I finish certain activity earlier than planned I use this left time for rest. I don't feel overwhelmed, thus I'm not prone to relapse. Although I still have much to improve in term of procrastination, I think I've made notable progress since I quit gaming.

    Restarting my timer makes me feel honest to myself, also it's a good indicator for tracking how things goes at certain stages of being game free.

  17. Journal entry #61

    Days game free: 91
    Procrastination free: 1

    I'm a bit tired after yesterday workout. But that couldn't stop me from decorating front of the house with Christmas light bulbs. My mom really liked it.
    I spend evening on watching a Secret, film about law of attraction/affirmation. I really like it and recommend for you to watch. At first it may sound like a fantasy but it shows a good point how changing the way we think, changes our experience.

    I think of installing linux, probably I would go back to ubuntu distro. But first studying. I need to pass tomorrow exam.


  18. I want to learn Linux, too. Could you link some good sites to learn about it? (tag me so I won't miss it)

    I have an experience with Ubuntu, I've used it for a while but then abandoned it(mostly due to games not working and compatibility issues with flash). Now you convinced me to go back to it.

  19. I know it may be really hard for you, but remember that many of us quit gaming once we saw how we abandoned real life and how gaming destructively effected us. If we could do it, surely you will do it, too. You will live a better life. Just don't give up!

    Greetings, Piotr.

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