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  1. Hi my name is Marquese, I was joining this forum to try and remove some of the hold video games have over my life. I want to get better at other things that interest me like learning piano, animation, drawing etc. I've never tried doing a detox before but I am willing to give one a try. I've been playing them ever since I was a kid mostly because my friends played them and it was the only way to keep in contact with them outside of school. Lately though I've just been playing to not be bored or lonely all day. Hopefully this course helps me get to a place I want to be in the future. I've been the type to procrastinate on stuff I should be doing. Usually I get motivated to try and quit and then I see someone in a way better position than me and I get demotivated. I tend to think that at least I can be good at playing video games right now because I cant compete with that person.