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  1. Hello again! Spending an excessive amount of time online has been a personal problem for many years, and I've always tried to change while staying in the same environment. Like: I want my life to be exactly like it is, but without youtube, netflix etc. Hasn't worked out that great. Last autumn I: 1. Moved to a school where I studied to become a personal trainer 2. Fell in love with a girl I met there Suddenly, I had no problem abstaining from the online world - because I had things to do that were superior in terms of gratification and meaning. Also, I completely changed my
  2. What would it look like if it were easy? That was the thought which led me here - again. I've been a member here before, using a different screen name, when I was struggling to quit video games (a struggle that came to a successful end, three years ago). Having a community to support me and keep me accountable helped tremendously then, and I hope it will this time as well. For so much of my life I've tried to do things by myself, without a group and most importantly, without a mentor or teacher. That is the unnecessarily difficult way of approaching change. Tim Ferriss has made me a