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  1. Day 4 done. 7-8 hrs of work/study, fell short of my plan but I feel like I could easily pull an 11-12 hour day tomorrow so no worries! I had a biology exam today which I totally aced and that certainly gave me a motivation boost! Plus I managed to watch Lex's podcast with Avi Loeb, I adore his passion and excitement for his field, it feels like he could engage almost anyone in physics and I find it absolutely beautiful! There's not much to say really, everything's going really well for me: I feel energized and driven and barely have enough time to do chores, let alone play
  2. Day 3 done. 8 or 9 hours of studying + a few hours of work and an uplifting evening - almost precisely as planned! The only problem is I see my sleep schedule becoming more chaotic and erratic so tomorrow trying to wake up at 9-10 am by any means. The plan is pretty much identical: 11-12 hours of work/study, some exercise and some social/personal time. Today I tried to think about what really made a fictional story attractive... And for me it's probably seeing peculiar, all familiar but weird behaviour that makes humans human in characters and situations. Something unnecess
  3. Congrats! Do you plan to do something specific to unwind or is not having a plan at all a more relaxing option for you?
  4. Day 2 done. I failed to sell or delete my accounts, it's amusing and weird how many excuses my brain comes up with as soon as I start making any progress towards it. Well, it does sure feel stupid, but I'll give it another try tomorrow. Right now I feel very focused and don't want to spread my intent and actions too thin. Tomorrow just doing some work, studying biology and spending time with friends, aiming for good 11-12 productive hours overall and a pleasant evening! Also the main 2 habits to come back to are meditation and running. I can barely sit down and properly work for
  5. Hey, Jason. Thanks for your words of affirmation. For me personally gaming fulfilled needs in 2 main areas: growth/achievement and social, thus the predominant focus and the overall strategy will be optimized for fulfilling those needs without playing. RIght now I'm very much into my work and studies and I don't feel like I need anything else, I also share my journey and achievements with irl friends, have a few accountability partners and this journal as a pleasant bonus. I agree that continuously staying indoors is daunting and promotes relapses, I run almost every evening now and
  6. Relapsed recently and wasted a lot of time bois so it's time to get back on track again! And thus begins the new chapter of my Iliad... (except this one is about videogames) So... Day 1 is complete. The general plan is simple and concise: to live life dangerously, get outside my comfort zone and do shit that I truly like. Tomorrow the main point of focus is studying biology and conducting market research. Additionally, I'm going to dedicate some of time to helping dog shelters and coming up with some fun and interesting weekend activites, so you're welcome to make suggestio
  7. I relate to feeling nervous and almost guilty towards feeling good. Happiness is your birth right so enjoy it!
  8. Days 11-17 without gaming. It's been a week already? Geez. - I've been focused specifically on practising my social/communication/leadership skills. Signed up for toastmasters + a few irl public speech courses (I'll see which one suits me better and quit the other one). I have about 4 events scheduled for the next week. I need to make it at least 7 + volunteer to help at at least 2. I'll also create a group of people who are into entrepreneurship/science to visit public lectures with + discuss ideas. I also need to approach at least 2 strangers/day for the next 7 days. [Why a
  9. Stay strong broski, i hope your relationship situation will be resolved
  10. Days 7,8,9,10 without gaming -The date was pretty fucking disastrous to my surprise LOL (we initially hit a very nice vibe which got exponentially worse with every minute), I'm not worried or frustrated though -Met 2 people that I'm now regularly chatting with, potentially could become friends -Worked mostly on trivial tasks and chores that occupied my mind + came up with some nice systems on how to entirely outsource food and water for cheap. -Regarding main work: Bioengineering course ~45% complete, some team members still don't answer my calls and ghost me lol so I'll gi
  11. @WhoCares lol. As someone who ran shitty ads on YouTube I highly advice against a custom YT client with an integrated ad blocker.
  12. Days 4,5,6 without gaming. - I haven't really thought about videogames actually, I have so many problems to solve and so much stuff to do that I barely get to reflect on progress - Completed ~36% of my bioengineering course - Finished the majority of boring and monotonous part of my work so now moving on to more exciting stuff like research and team building (I shit bricks just thinking about cold calling but I'll do it nevertheless) - Socialized a lot, going on a date in a few days Main lesson: My focus and attention have been very scattered for the past few days, I a
  13. Day 3 without gaming (yesterday) - Morning ritual partially complete (2/4) - Did some creative work, have about 5 potential designs for the brand - Mostly focused on improving social skills by meeting people on social media + went out to approach strangers but only made small talk. Time breakdown: Sleep: 11 hrs (again, 2 hrs unsuccessfully) Work: 4.5 hrs Productive activities: 0.5 hrs Rest + time sink: 8 hrs Main lesson: I don't think that the concept of failure can exist within social situations (Or maybe even generally. There is only desired outco
  14. Thank you a lot. Not sure what you mean by "a backup plan", I'm assuming that predetermined activities or location changes in case of urges can be regarded as a backup plan haha. I mean a company, fortunately I don't have any people holding me back in the process of quitting games. Quite the contrary, they are usually amused about how much time it took me so it's a relief for everyone lol.
  15. Thanks. Best wishes for you as well. Day 2 without gaming. - Respawn course complete in full with action steps. - Morning ritual (goals + affirmations + gratitude, workout, cold shower, meditation) complete - Didn't get that much work done, but completed some crucial tasks. Team is giga mad at me for disappearing for 4 months (rightfully so lol). It's very unlikely that I'll be able to restore that relationship so I'm just gonna focus on selling the existing stock and moving on. Didn't have the mental capacity to work on academic interests, got emotional in the evening