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  1. Gonna be a short first reflective post. Up to the point of this post, my day was extremely unproductive. I spent my time watching Netflix and lounging on my couch, things that are hard to avoid when your leg is in an immobilizing brace. On the bright side, I rallied myself in the second half of the day and got a bit of work done. I'm still ahead of my university courses so the hit I took from today's laxness was purely moral, but I expect more from myself. Tomorrow I plan to make up for it twofold. With the aid of a new mobile brace, I'll reassert myself and try to get back some of the momentum that this injury stole from me.
  2. That first one rings so true it hurts. It's painful just how remarkable yet weak people can be.
  3. Hey Guys, I'm starting a new more severe challenge and as such think it's fitting to start a new journal. I believe my previous failure is at least partially due to many other negative things in my life, making gaming impossible to quite in the presence of all these other things. Many of these include recreational habits, but I think subtle lifestyle features like my diet also effects my ability to abstain. To remedy this my challenge will be super invasive almost to the point of becoming a new lifestyle. The abstentions features will include: No gaming No Fap hard mode No Videos of any sort No social media The lifestyle features will include No desert foods (I know it's not well defined but I'm just going to try to avoid taking in excess processed sugar) Also going to eat something every 2 hours I'll add in a fitness component when my knee is usable (dislocated it a few days ago) Other things I plan to do is write a reflective post about my day at the end of a day and a day plan at the beginning. Also meditating at least 5 minutes in the morning and before bed will be mandatory. If I breach any of these rules it will be considered a relapse at which time I will switch back to my old flip phone as punishment. A second relapse means I have to trade computers with my grandma (trust me this is prime motivation) Alright guys I'm starting this now, wish me luck
  4. Alright guys so I think I need to let go of Netflix and youtube if I want to find any success in a gaming detox. The issue for me is that using these other platforms generates the same feeling of self-loathing, and I just cannot respect myself while wasting hours on these platforms and respect is key when changing habits. I'm going to start a new journal with a well-defined challenge and goal. This first attempt has been an epic fail, but I'll come back stronger.
  5. Relapsed again...... This leg's really giving me a hard time. Usually when my mind starts to wander I'm able to steady myself with something physical, but since I can hardly move now its become a purely mental battle. What this failure has revealed to me is that I have shockingly poor mental resilience and I probably need to start meditating or something. Anyways gonna try getting some work done but I'm not optimistic this feels like a losing battle.
  6. Watched some twitch this morning..... Quite disappointed with myself but it's extremely difficult to maintain my discipline when moving a few meters can prove a challenge. Anyways I'm focused now, gonna prepare for an exam tomorrow once again work on a term paper. Don't forget boys morning is often the most vulnerable time for us and it's extremely important to find your goal for the day as soon as possible.
  7. I wish I had the courage to put it back in myself. As a consequence, I probably had to endure the most painful experience of my life when being dragged down a flight of stairs to the waiting ambulance. Anyways I'm already out and chilling with my new knee brace.
  8. So disaster struck yesterday in a quite monumental way. I was just minding my business, deep in a phone conversation with my girlfriend, and suddenly my knee decided to slip out of its socket. Yep, just bam! I looked down and it was twisted in a 90degree angle. On the bright side it helped with some strong night time urges sooooo I guess I should be thanking my shit knees:) Anyways my plan for today is to get a start on another term paper and study for an exam on Monday. Peace boys
  9. My plan for today: Study Geography until I have a concrete understanding of everything on the exam prep sheet, do at least 2 history readings, find an essay topic for modern warfare, and workout.
  10. I've returned after a hiatus filled with unproductive binges and mental degradation. Seriously I assumed I would burn out after maybe a month, but this time around it only took me a week to lapse back into my old habits. Somehow it hasn't affected my schooling, but I can kind of feel my charisma fading. That's why I really need to keep up this journal, in fact, I'm going to post a daily plan every morning just to hold myself accountable for the rest of the day.
  11. Hey guys I'll keep this brief because honestly I'm posting this to keep myself accountable rather then spew some wisdom. I relapsed in both my no gaming and nofap challenges today because I got a glimpse of freedom and decided to slack off. I wrote my last exam yesterday and now I'm on reading break so I let my discipline slip. It won't happen again in the same fashion; I'll make sure to leave the house early tomorrow so I can focus.
  12. Have to keep this one short because of an exam tomorrow. Today was quite good, managed to get 100% on my last test and spent some quality time with my girlfriend. I slipped up in the morning by catching up with some of the results from the Cs go major. I can't take this lightly, it's always the esport side of things that triggers my hunger to play so I installed blockers on my laptop. Hopefully it'll steer me clear of danger.
  13. Day two went quite well. Focus could be improved but other than that I got out of the house and spent the whole day studying. What I noticed today was my emotions felt stronger, an indication that the brain fog is starting to lift and I can once again feel the natural cues that my brain is giving me. I have to seriously watch this because the first week of no fap and no gaming for me is usually characterized by a rise in aggression and irritation. I'll cut this one short because I have nothing serious to report, but I'm feeling pumped.
  14. I think you would benefit quite a bit from reading the Subtle art of not giving a f#ck by Mark Manson. It's really important to reserve caring for certain things; if you seemingly care for every aspect of your work it'll affect both your productivity and mental health in negative ways. The problem with your situation is while you control the amount of effort you throw in, the outcome can often be a product of lots of other factors. I know it's kind of contradictory to how we are designed but you need to focus on the steps to reach the outcome, the effort and carefulness your exhibit to finish the project. Once those things become your focus not only will you be less overwhelmed but your results will also improve, and trust me on this once I started to think this way I became an A student.
  15. Today went a long way towards establishing how the future is going to look for me. I was very productive, but with porn and video games absent I can already feel the withdrawal kicking in. Several times today I found my mind wandering in unproductive ways, and while I was able to easily fend off the urges, this commitment is still fresh and exciting. I hope that these journals can keep this feeling from waning, but what can transform this challenge into a lifestyle is concrete discipline. That's why I took the time to vacuum, dust, and reorganize my room. My hope is that if I normalize just doing a good job from the start then it'll brew discipline. Anyways today went quite well, I was mostly focused on my studying, talked to my friends on the phone, and clean up. If I stay on this path I think my future looks quite bright. Exam tomorrow, gonna get a great night of sleep:)
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